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Is There Going To Be D.P Season 2?

I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with Korean dramas and series. I’ve been watching them ever since the first time I saw My Love From Another Star, and my love for Korean dramas has only grown.

I am in love with the way that a story can be told so well with just one character, and how those characters are able to evolve over time. I love seeing the world through new eyes, and seeing how different cultures can influence each other.

The Korean drama industry has long been one of the most prolific in Asia, with many of its shows having been exported to other countries. It is now one of the most popular genres on television.

Korean dramas are known for their popular cast, compelling storylines, and well-developed characters. They’re also known for their intense focus on the love lives of their protagonists—but don’t let that fool you: most of these shows are actually about relationships between ordinary people who happen to be involved in some kind of crime.

Some different shows have their take on heavy aspects including intense drama. One of the popular shows from the genre is D.P. The dark and disturbing Korean drama has been ruling the fans with its intense heat and compelling story.

Fans have been wondering whether the soldiers are going to bring back the action on the screens. Here’s everything you need to know about D.P season 2.

Is There Going To Be D.P Season 2?

For those wondering and who haven’t come across the big news, it is time to jump in the air as the dark Korean drama has confirmed that there will be another season for D.P. Netflix has confirmed the renewal of D.P season 2.

In South Korea, the show was particularly popular with those who had recently been discharged from military service.

D.P had an incredible first season and was one of Netflix’s most popular shows in a number of countries, 3 months after it aired. Probably the reason why the streaming platform hit the renewal button so early on the show. 

D.P Season 2 Started its Filming

Another great reason to jump in the air as the upcoming military drama has started its filming! The streaming platform has just confirmed that the filming for the second season of D.P. has now started.

The majority of Korean dramas on Netflix are actually series that the streaming platform has only acquired international broadcasting rights.

The announcement was shared by a Korean media outlet ‘Entertain Naver’ confirming that the filming for season 2 has begun with director Han Joon-hee and writer Kim Bo-tong co-writing the screenplay.

There have been pretty amazing pictures released on the social media of Netflix Korea confirming that the production and filming have officially started. 

When is D.P Season 2 Releasing?

Since the season has just started out with their filming, there has been no premiere date revealed by the makers yet. 

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