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Is Tevin Campbell Gay? Here’s What He Said About it

Tevin Campbell is the most well-known because of his songs. But now his sexuality is being questioned due to a single tweet that Tavin stated.

Tevin Jermod Campbell an American singer, songwriter, and actor who recently tweeted about his sexuality in response to a user is trending on Twitter.

People have been debating this for years, but this one tweet may have proved some of them correct. You’ll only be able to fully understand this tweet if you first learn about his background, which you can do by reading on.

Who Is Tevin Campbell?

Tevin Jermod Campbell (born November 12, 1976) is a singer, songwriter, and actor from the United States. From a young age, he sang gospel in his local church.

Campbell was signed to Warner Bros. Records in 1988 after auditioning for jazz musician Bobbi Humphrey. Campbell teamed with Quincy Jones on ‘Tomorrow’ from Jones’ album Back on the Block in 1989.

And launched his Platinum-selling debut album, T.E.V.I.N., in 1990. “Tell Me What You Want Me To Do,” from the album, was his highest-charting single to date, landing at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Aside from music, Campbell began his acting career by making an appearance in Graffiti Bridge. A remake to Prince’s Purple Rain, and made guest spots on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Moesha television shows.

He also voiced fictional pop star Powerline in Disney’s A Goofy Movie, and was cast as Seaweed in the Broadway musical Hairspray in 2005.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America, Campbell has had five Grammy Award nominations and has verified sales of 5 million copies in the United States.

What Is There In The Tweet Which Is Getting Wildly Popular ?

So basically, an individual tweeted: “My mom continues telling me Luther Vandross, Teddy Pendergrass, and Tevin Campbell were gay.”

Tevin responded with the words “Tevin is” and a rainbow flag (which is used to signify the LGBTQ community and is used to demonstrate Pride in this community) as well as a chill emoji.

The R&B musician then made another statement, which sparked even more debate on Twitter about his sexuality.

“Congratulations on our soon-to-be ban from the state of Florida,” Tevin replied to a tweet that read.

The tweet, “Congratulations on our soon-to-be ban from the state of Florida,” referring to Florida’s attempt to pass a bill that would prohibit private schools from discussing gender identity and sexual orientation.

This drew attention to the fact that Tevin is not straight.

Tevin Received A Lot Of Praise From His Fans

Tevin’s now-deleted message went viral, and fans flocked to social media to voice their support. Here’s how a couple of them reacted to the situation:

“Tevin Campbell stepped out of the closet, that’s good for him.,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another one wrote: “Our culture assumes EVERYONE is straight unless told otherwise. There are enormous pressures to conform to that expectation and often penalties for refusing. Good on @tevincampbelll for claiming his truth and setting himself free.”

Some other user wrote: “My dude Tevin Campbell is finally free!!! Officially welcome to the ‘LGBTQ’ community!!!”

What are your thoughts on Tevin Campbell apparently declaring himself gay? Do let us know in the comments section.

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