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Is Drake Gay? Rapper Debuts Pink Nail Paint, Sparks Debate on Social Media

Drake’s new nail art is making headlines! The acclaimed rapper, who is about to begin his It’s All a Blur Tour with 21 Savage, seems to be prepping up for the tour by paying specific attention to his looks.

So much so that he recently got his hair and nails done. However, the thing that got the most attention was Dizzy’s pink nail paint. The color sparked a whole debate on social media and some fans even started questioning the singer’s sexuality, wondering if he is gay.

Drake Debuts Pink Nail Paint on Social Media

Over the last few days, Drake had been dropping several pictures and videos from the rehearsals for his upcoming tour on social media. On Sunday, he took to Instagram to flaunt his new look, with newly styled hair and pink nails.

The God’s Plan singer also posed with his nail artist and posted a close-up picture of his hands showing off the art. This is not the first time Drake has made news due to his choice of nail color. Just last month, he broke the internet by painting his fingernails fluorescent blue and yellow while promoting the Stake online casino.

Drake’s Pink Nails Spark Debate About His Sexuality

The 36-year-old’s move has got varied reactions from people on social media. While some supported the singer for breaking stereotypes, others started to question his sexuality for getting a manicure and promoting the pink nail color.

“Drake is so corny lol. If you paint your nails a color (not a plain manicure) then you’re gay. idc lol take it up with ya mammyyyyy,” tweeted a follower. “What happens when you’re surrounded by “yes men”. You start thinking this shit is “cool”…That or it has him trending again,” wrote another.

A user also wrote, “Why are these dude in Hip Hop constantly trying to shive their feminine ways and styles down our throats to make it seem normal or acceptable! Nothing about this s### is normal, not for a straight heterosexual man!”

Those in support of the singer tweeted, “This isn’t new. Painting your nails has ways been a thing with men. Stop projecting your toxic masculinity insecurities.” While a user also tweeted, “Broke ppl always gon be insecure when they can’t find rich in themselves. I fw it.”

Is Drake Gay?

Drake’s sexuality has been a hot topic of discussion on several occasions. While the singer never openly addressed his sexuality, it is assumed that he is straight and has dated a number of women through the years.

Earlier in 2021, fans assumed that Drake came out as a ‘lesbian’ when his track Girls Want Girls featuring Lil Baby was launched. The lyrics of the song said, “Please bring your girlfriend along with you. She like eating p***y, I’m like, Me too.’”

“Yeah, say that you a lesbian, girl, me too / Ayy, girls want girls where I’m from / Wait, woah, yeah, girls want girls,” Drake was heard singing. The lyrics confused fans, however, the rapper never addressed the inspiration behind the song.

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