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Is David Muir Gay? Exploring the Dating Life of ABC World News Tonight Anchor

David Muir is one of the best American journalists and media personalities, popularly known as the anchor of the “ABC World News Tonight with David Muir”. He is also renowned as the co-anchor of the ABC News Magazine, 20/20.

Born in November 1973, in Syracuse, New York, Muir’s interest with regard to news broadcasts and journalism had started to spark at a very young age. And he made sure to go after his passion with the utmost determination and dedication.

His talent and skills pertaining to his field have earned him several Emmy as well as Edward R. Murrow Awards.

But what about his personal life? Here’s everything we know!

Muir’s personal life 

The 48-year old has always been extremely private about his personal life and is known for keeping his life behind the curtains and out of his work.

Muir is known to be very close with his parents and that is the one thing that he doesn’t hesitate from flaunting to the world, his relationship with his family. The journalist is also tight with his siblings and is often seeing posting about the latter’s children on his own Instagram.

But other than that, when it comes to his other personal and more intimate relationships, Muir’s fans are oblivious to all of it as the news anchor likes to keep two major such aspects of his life, different.

But we do know that Muir’s fine looks and charming personality has made him one of the most eligible bachelors around. In fact, in 2014, he was featured in People’s list of ‘Sexiest Men Alive’.

Is Muir Gay? 

Muir has always been so private about his life behind his work that all his fans are able to do is speculate.

Back in 2014 and 2015, Muir was rumoured to be seeing Gio Benetiz, one of the former’s colleagues, who is now open about his homosexuality. During that time, Benetiz was not openly gay, but he was seen roaming around at the studio the most, when Muir was there, sparking rumours about something going on between the two. Muir and Benetiz also used to spend quite a lot of time together and were also spotted at gay bars on several occasions.

And although the pair was rumoured to be involved in a romantic relationship, neither of them confirmed and nor did they pass any comments about it.

However, when Benetiz got engaged to his alleged boyfriend, Tommy DiDario, in 2015, he put an end to the rumours about his romance with Muir, once and for all.

So, the mystery as to whether or not Muir is gay, continues to remain still, because the television star has kept his life so personal, that we don’t even know whether he’s dating anybody or married or if he’s happily single.

But we do know better than blindly believing in rumours. So, if Muir really his gay, he’ll open up about it to the public as and when he feels he’s ready to let people in on his private life.

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