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Is Bad Bunny Gay? Rumor Explored

The MTV Video Music Awards 2022 was pretty much an exciting experience for the Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny as he took home the iconic Moon Person trophy for Artist of the Year.

Not only this, the Bullet Train star even kissed multiple dancers both male and female while performing on the stage of the MTV VMAs and that led to fans thinking about his current relationship status and his past remarks on sexuality.

Bad Bunny kissed backup dancers at MTV VMAs 2022

Yes, you read that right. While performing at MTV VMAs 2022, Bad Bunny took to the stage to sing his song ‘Tití Me Preguntó’ from his 2022 full-length release ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’, and during the performance, he moved to his right and and it seemed like he got intimate with one of the female backup dancers on stage.

Bunny didn’t stop there, soon afterward, he went on to kiss another backup dancer. This time, he kissed a male backup dancer. He was nominated in various categories including  Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, Best Latin Song, and Song of the Summer and he won the Artist of the Year Award.

How did the fans react to Bad Bunny kissing backup dancers at MTV VMAs 2022?

One user wrote, “We about to see a shit ton of homophobia now for the next couple of days now that bad bunny kissed a dude on stage. they don’t even know benitos sexuality but as the homophobic peeps always do, he’s gay now.”

Another user tweeted, “Bad Bunny kissing a dude on stage dont mean he’s gay. Kissing isn’t always a sexual act. It does clearly show support though. And thats whats dope. Cause at the end of the day, it costs you nothing to let people live.”

Followed by a user who penned, “Bad Bunny being called gay all the time by the machista Latin community, but when he actually kisses a man he’s queer baiting?!” A user went on to say, “Ppl are so obsessed w bad bunny sexuality..only Americans are this obsessed if someone is gay or straight.”

Another user further added, “I don’t understand how y’all are comparing Bad Bunny to Harry Styles. Bad Bunny has the balls to make with a man on stage and on camera. Meanwhile, Harry is critique gay cinema for not being tender enough for his liking and ALSO not making out with men on stage and on camera!”

These were a few reactions of the fans to Bad Bunny’s onstage kiss with the backup dancers.

What did Bad Bunny have to say about his sexuality?

In the past, Bad Bunny has answered questions about his sexuality. During a 2020 interaction with Los Angeles Times, Bad Bunny went on to say that questions about his sexual orientation don’t frighten him.

At that time, the Moscow Mule singer said, “It (sexuality) does not define me. At the end of the day, I don’t know if in 20 years I will like a man. One never knows in life.” Then, he further added, “At the moment I am heterosexual and I like women.”

Do you think Bad Bunny is gay? Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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