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Iman Shumpert Gifts A Corvette To Teyana Taylor On Their Sixth Wedding Anniversary

They say you’re the happiest when you’re in love, and the NBA star Iman Shumpert and singer Teyana Taylor feel exactly the same. On their sixth anniversary, the New York Knicks Shooting Guard/Small Forward gifted his wife an old-school Corvette, which is perfect for her swaggy personality. The gorgeous couple took to their Instagram to share the sweet moment from their big day.

The Nostalgia Of The Corvette Is Heard…

Iman Shumpert is such a poet when it comes to his wife, Teyana Taylor. The NBA star, who won the 2016 NBA Championship with Cleveland Cavaliers, celebrated his sixth anniversary with his gorgeous wife, singer Teyana Taylor. To commemorate the occasion, the 32-year-old basketball player gifted his wife an old-school Corvette.

Iman, who was born in Illinois, wrote on Instagram: “Men love the stories, the headaches and the delicacies you have to put into refurbishing an old school because once it’s done and back on the road you can truly appreciate the time and the times you have in it.”

He added, “It makes a statement to your inner self that no one could see this but you!” Iman then shared his gratitude for that his wife, Teyana Taylor by stating that years ago, when he wanted a family, his wife gave him one. He bent his knee and Teyana accepted his headache and trauma, just like any other loving wife. He wrote, “You’ve pumped my brakes and fixed me up every time I had bump or bruise.”

To thank her once again for everything she does, Iman got her an old-school Corvette, which symbolises what their relationship has been through. He wrote: So yes, I could’ve gotten you a brand new car…but this car will symbolize a relationship that’s been thru it all.”

Iman concluded, “The nostalgia of the corvette you wanted is heard but I want you to dress this one up little by little like we’ve done in this 6 years and make sure this muffucka ride forever! I love you, Mrs Shumpert. Year 6.”

In the comment section, Teyana wrote, “babeeeeeeeeeeee You know what this means to me 🥹 I love you. Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours….happy anniversary my love.” LA LA wrote, “This was so special bro!” Cynthia Bailey wrote, “I love this! congrats! happy anniversary!!!🥂”

One fan expressed her love for Iman by writing: “Why we all can’t have a Him or Russel Wilson lord they don’t make men like this no more…Congrats guys.” Another fan, who wants a man like him in her life, wrote: “who u telling😔 I just want God to bless me with a man like these or a @iamdevale lord. I know my prayers will eventually be answered 🙌🏽💙.”

Teyana Writes Back…

To express her gratitude for the sweetest thing, Teyana took to her Instagram and wrote, “They say we are most alive when we are in love…Which is confirmation to me that we will live forever. There isn’t a day, minute, second or breath that I am not in love with you. Year 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 as one & forever more to go. Happy wedding anniversary my love @imanshumpert. Ever mine, ever thine, ever ours…. Real bad 🌹”

She also shared some adorable pictures of her family. From Christmas even, to holding their baby girl while kissing each other, to taking a selfie with their new-born, Teyana seems too nostalgic on this anniversary. Fans immediately took to their comment section and congratulated the couple. 

In the comment section, Jamaican-American internet personality, Vena E. wrote, “Happy Anniversary,” with three heart emojis. Brittney F. Taylor, wrote: “Love you guys so much ❤️ Happy Anniversary”. EJ King wrote, “Y’all make me sick, but I wouldn’t have a no other way😂😂😂 love y’all and ur beautiful family happy anniversary. 🤍🙌🏾🙏🏾.” We wish the gorgeous couple a happy marriage anniversary!

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