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Hacks Season 3 is Approved to Hit the Road Again; HBO Confirms Renewal

Ava and Deborah are ready to hit the road again!

Fans who were a bit worried about HBO shows and their future being at risk of cancellation after the changes in the streaming service and its parent company, Hacks will have a chance to continue to stream on the platform.

The Emmy award-winning comedy series has been renewed for a third season. The American dark comedy series is here to stay for another season as confirmed by the network HBO. Safe to say, the road adventures are likely to get back with another season. 

The show centers around a  stand-up comic who decided to team up with a young writer and embark on a career together. The show features Jean Smart who has never disappointed after years of consistently good performances.

The show is hilarious and often throws truth bombs about life making this series hands down, one of the best over the years. With the renewal announcement coming along, here’s what you need to know.

Hacks Season 3 Is On Board With More Road Adventure 

Fans were shedding tears along with Ava as she was sitting in front of her TV in the new apartment, wondering what will be the next move for the comic duo and particularly when, the streaming service has made our day even brighter with the good news of Hacks season 3 renewal.

The renewal news has surprised everyone as some of us are still processing the ending of season 2 that happened two weeks ago.

The announcement was made by Sarah Aubrey, head of original content at HBO Max. she congratulated the entire team of Hacks calling them extraordinarily gifted. A special mention was made to the executive producers of the show and the partners at Universal Studio. 

The renewal announcement comes after the unpredictable response and love to the existing season. She expressed in the announcement that the entire team is overwhelmed with the response from the audience and the press confirming to give more to them in the upcoming season. 

Adding to the renewal news, the President of the Universal Studio, Erin Underhill expressed that the first two seasons of Hacks gave such complex characters who gripped the audiences with their fantastic comic timing and the vulnerability that comes with it. 

Hacks Season 3: Do We Have A Release Date?

Let’s not jump the gun here and try to celebrate the renewal announcement as there have been no official premiere dates revealed. Although, renewal news was a bit of a shock as compared to the history of previous seasons. 

Hacks Season 3: What can we expect? (Spoilers)

As we last saw, Ava moves to a new apartment feeling vulnerable about how things ended with Deborah. Jimmy calls her and tells her that after viewing videos that Ava had previously sent in, they’re interested in interviewing her for a writing position.

Jimmy offers Ava a job on the show, which she happily accepts. Considering the final steps taken by Ava, the show will continue from different angles in both of their lives. 

As the renewal news is baffling fans around the globe, we certainly can’t wait to share more details. 

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