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Grant Gustin’s Been Training Hard For The Final Season Of “The Flash”

Grant Gustin, best known for playing Barry Allen in the CW series “The Flash” is training hard to come out at his best for ‘The Flash Season 9, which will be the final season of the Arrowverse franchise. The 32-year-old star’s trainer Ben Bruno shared a video on Instagram and you can see for yourself how Grant is getting into his best Barry Allen shape.

Grant’s Got Some Real Dedication…

“The Flash” star Grant Gustin’s trainer Ben Bruno couldn’t have been prouder as the 32-year-old actor is taking up his training regime for the final season of “The Flash” pretty seriously. Ben recently shared a video of Grant’s training on Instagram and captioned it: “@grantgust has been training hard for the upcoming season of The Flash. This is some seriously impressive work. Let’s goooo!”

In the video, he’s showcasing some serious leg and arms workout while picking up a lot of weights to get into his Barry Allen shape. Fans are finally happy that it’s Grant and not Ezra Miller, who is entangled in various legal disputes considering his destructive behaviour. After this, video, fans went bonkers over Grant’s hardcore regime and filled the comment section with praises.

As Ben posted the video, Grant Gustin wrote: “The hair flips 😂🤦🏻‍♂️”. One fan wrote, “Can’t wait for an epic finale to an amazing show!” Another fan mocked Ezra and wrote, “Please replace Ezra miller bc you are THE FLASH!” One faithful friend mentioned, “can smell it Season 9 Barry will eat.”

In addition to this video, Grant also shared a “hiatus look” of himself and called it a “portrait of a man sad about shaving and cutting his hair in a few days.” Well, we all know what this means. Time is not far when we’d see him in the classic Barry Allen look. One fan wrote in the comment section, “Let Barry be the grown man he’s supposed to be this season.”

Is Grant Replacing Ezra?

While the CW series “The Flash” moves to an end with Season 9, which was initially set to release in September, fans wondered if Ezra Miller could be replaced by Grant Gustin, who appears to be a credible candidate for the role of the DC Comics character. Of course, a major reason for these speculations is Ezra’s destructive behaviour and series of legal issues in the past few months.

But again, on-screen, Ezra fits perfect for the role because let’s agree, we all have been endeared by his role as a non-binary and queer actor which reflected DC’s steps towards inclusivity. While Ezra may have finally apologised for all the destruction and ensured to seek treatment, Grant Gustin still remains a great choice for Warner Bros.

The man has been associated with “The Flash” series since 2014 and has taken the series to new heights. As for “The Flash” series, even though the second longest-running show may leave us disheartened with the final season coming up soon, Grant Gustin has a lot to offer for one last time, and well, there is still a lot to celebrate when it comes to its legacy. What do you think?

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