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Fox NFL Reporter Jay Glazer Gets Engaged to Girlfriend Rosie Tenison

Jay Glazer is officially taken now! The Fox NFL reporter recently popped the big question to his girlfriend Rosie Tenison and he put a ring on her finger earlier this week in Santa Monica, California.

Glazer proposed to his girlfriend Rosie, a former model and clothing designer who owns the boutique Varga in Los Angeles at the location of the pair’s first date. Continue reading further to learn more details about the dreamy proposal of the couple.

Jay Glazer and Rosie Tenison are engaged

Yeah, you read that right. The Fox NFL reporter Jay Glazer is engaged to his girlfriend Rosie Tenison. He shared the exciting news of his engagement with Rosie Tenison on the social networking platform Instagram on Sunday. He posted a series of photos from their special day on his Instagram feed.

Jay started the lengthy caption by writing, “Sooooo this happened! ❤️❤️❤️ It only took me 53 years to find true love. For everyone out there… it’s never too late. Because of my gray, I’ve felt unlovable for 53 years! As a result, I’ve sabotaged and pushed others away- that’s what the gray gets you to do. But it takes a special spirit to stand there with me, help me grow, and feel worthy of feeling loved.”

Glazer continued, “That’s who this woman is!! This amazing, incredible soul Rosie Tenison saw my pain but more so saw my heart and said ‘This man takes care of so many people but who takes care of him? I want to be the one to take care of him!’ ”

He concluded, “However, I wouldn’t have been able to receive this love had I not gone on this mental health journey with all of you. Took me 53 years to do the work on myself to see I am worth it, I can beat the gray… I can live in the blue. Thank you Rosie for what’s going to be a lifetime of blue and love.” He also inserted a couple of hashtags in the caption of the post “#MazelFreakingTov,” #DreamComeTrue” and “#AboutTime.”

All you need to know about the proposal of Jay Glazer and Rosie Tenison

An insider told the People magazine, “Jay got engaged in Santa Monica at the site of his first date with Rosie when they dated the first time.” In his book titled Unbreakable: How I Turned My Depression and Anxiety into Motivation and You Can Too, Jay mentioned how he and Tenison “had broken up before Jay went on his mental health journey.”

The source went on to say, that “he just didn’t feel worthy of love.” The insider chimed in, “He had broken up with Rosie, though he knew she was his soul mate and the love of his life.”

We send our heartiest congratulations to Jay Glazer and his now-fiancé Rosie Tenison on getting engaged. Drop your best wishes for the newly engaged couple in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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