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Everything to Know About Marvel Comics Icon Stan Lee’s Two Children

Stan Lee was well-known by many as an iconic comic book writer, editor, publisher, and producer. He rose to prominence via the ranks of a family-run business called Timely Comics which is now Marvel Comics.

Lee was the key creative leader of Timely Comics for nearly 2 decades. He led the company’s expansion from a small division of a publishing house to a multimedia corporation that ruled the comics as well as the film industry.

During his celebrated career, Stan joined hands with others at Marvel particularly co-writers/artists Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. Stan was a creative force who co-created iconic characters, like superheroes Spider-Man, the X-Men, Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Ant-Man, the Wasp, the Fantastic Four, Black Panther, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, the Scarlet Witch, and Black Widow.

When it comes to the personal life of Stan Lee, he tied the knot with Joan Clayton Boocock,  a model and voice actress in the year 1947. The pair walked down the aisle on December 5, 1947. They welcomed two kids together.

Apart from being a comic visionary, Stan was also a proud dad of two kids. He was a doting father to a daughter named Jan Lee and another daughter whose name is Joan Celia Lee. Continue reading further to know more about both daughters of Stan Lee.

Here’s all you need to know about Stan Lee and his wife Joan’s two kids

The former President of Marvel Comics and his wife Joan welcomed their first child together, daughter Joan Celia Lee in the year 1950. The pair’s second daughter Jan Lee joined them earthside in 1953.

Unfortunately, Stan and his wife of 69 years, Joan’s second daughter Jan Lee passed away a couple of days after her birth in 1953. As per various media outlets, Jan left for the heavenly abode, three days after her delivery.

Who is Joan Celia Lee?

The Superhero of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee and his wife Joan’s first child together, daughter Joan Celia Lee arrived into the world in the year 1950. She was born in New York City in April 1950. At the moment, she is 72 years old.

During her childhood, Joan received the love and support from her parents to explore her creative interests. Her parents motivated her to experiment with everything from fashion design to creating comic book layouts as they were creative individuals themselves.

As of this moment, not much is known about the educational qualifications of Stan Lee’s daughter Joan Celia Lee. Up until now, nothing is known about the institutions she attended or the courses she took.

Joan lost both of her parents a couple of years ago. Her mom Joan Boocock, died of complications from a stroke in the year 2017. She passed away at the age of 95.

On the other hand, her father, Stan Lee passed away at the age of 95 on November 12, 2018, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He died from cardiac arrest brought on by respiratory and congestive heart failure. A few months before his passing, he had respiratory pneumonia.

What does Stan Lee’s daughter Joan Celia Lee do for a living?

For those of you who are unaware, let us share with you, Stan Lee’s daughter Joan Celia Lee had the good fortune to kick off her professional career at a young age. Her famous father taught her to draw, paint and design comic book layouts. She could have easily followed in the footsteps of her father, but she decided to pick a different career path as an actress.

Joan tried her hand at acting and hasn’t looked back ever since then. She made her acting debut with the 1963 crime drama film The Cool World. Then, she appeared in the TV drama No Actor Parking and the suspense film The Ambulance.

In the year 1994, Stan Lee’s daughter Joan lend her voice to a robot character’s voice in the animated series Iron Man. After completing her graduation, she joined Marvel Studios where her dad was employed. She wanted to gain some more knowledge about comic creation. As a result of this, she became a great comic artist. She quickly contributed to the studio.

Apart from this, back in the day, she was a member of the team that made the educational app Raising My Superkids, a portion of which goes to charity. Joan is the owner of Fatsalagata.com, a comedy website dedicated to her father’s legacy.

Joan Celia Lee is also an author

Yeah, you read that right. Joan didn’t release her debut book as an author until October 2015. It’s all about Love: The Stan Lee Family is the name of her book. It’s a photo book that revolves around her experience of growing up as Stan Lee’s daughter. In the book, she also talks about the connection and marriage of her parents.

The book It’s All About Love: The Stan Lee Family consists of several never before seen pictures. Stan Lee contributed the foreword. At that time, Joan had this statement in the press release, “I don’t think anyone of us could have envisioned the tremendous success these comic book characters would obtain.”

It further read, “But, I am so glad that dad, who just recently celebrated his 92nd birthday, has the opportunity to see the impact his work has made on the world. Out of all of his accomplishments, I’m proud to say that he tells everyone that I am his greatest creation.”

Is Joan Celia Lee married?

Despite being a star kid and an actress herself, Joan has kept her personal life away from the flashing cameras. As of right now, she has not spilled the beans on her love life. However, it seems like she is unmarried at the moment and does not have any kids.

What is the net worth of Joan Celia Lee?

As per some media outlets, the estimated net worth of Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee’s daughter Joan Celia Lee is a staggering $66 million as of 2023.

What’s your favorite comic book by Stan Lee? Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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