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Did The Simpsons Predict Superbowl 2023 Winner?

The Super Bowl is the most-watched game in the U.S. annually. As the 2023 Super Bowl kick-off on Sunday (Feb. 12) between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, sports enthusiasts are wondering if the Simpsons predicted the winner for this year’s Super Bowl LVII or not. Read on to learn everything about The Simpsons’ predictions regarding this much-awaited event.


Did The Simpsons Predict Super Bowl 2023?

“The Simpsons”  are known for foretelling future events, from international crises to political drama, to disasters and whatnot. As the clairvoyant comedy cartoon was credited for “almost predicting” Cincinnati Bengal’s win against Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 2022, fans are now wondering if the show has predicted the winner for Super Bowl LVII or not.

The 2023 Super Bowl kick-off on Sunday (Feb. 12) between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles and fans can’t wait to unravel what “The Simpsons” have predicted. Now let me tell you that the show hasn’t predicted anything about this year’s event as of now. But hey, how can we forget that the show predicted Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance, Coronavirus, Donald Trump’s presidency and much more?

The Simpsons’ Previous Predictions…

The Simpsons may not be the biggest sports oracles but some of their predictions actually matched the reality. While they haven’t predicted who the winner of Super Bowl 2023 looks like, they surely gave us fair hints during last year’s events. Last year, around the same month, “NFL Memes” tweeted: “Bet the house on the Bengals.”

In the meme, three photos were displaying Simpsonified Bengals cheerleader, Homer Simpson with “Go Bengals” tattooed on his stomach. There was also a screenshot of one of the show’s satirical sportscasts, including taglines: “BENGALS win SUPER BOWL !! Cin 34 LA 31”. Even though the Rams crushed Cincinnati Bengals, it came out that “The Simpsons” did have some connection with the Bengals’ squad.

If you aren’t aware, Homer is an ardent Bengals fan. Moreover, The Simpsons debuted in 1989, this was the same time when the Bengals entered a Super Bowl. Sadly, their 2022 prediction about the Super Bowl winner was incorrect. While the show hasn’t predicted anything about Super Bowl LVII, it surely made some scary predictions for this year, such as economic and inflation crises and a nuclear war between the United States and China.

Coming back to the Super Bowl 2023, we’d not send you disappointed. Even though “The Simpsons” didn’t pull out their surprising cards, I personally believe that Buffalo Bills surely hold a strong chance, considering that they’re holding the top seed in the superior AFC. This definitely makes them the best team in the NFL, but who knows? What do you think?

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