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Debbie Harry Gets Honey From Her Beehives, Shares Funny Story Behind Her “Zebra Dress”

Debbie Harry, lead vocalist of the famous band “Blondie” appeared on “The Tonight Show” and gifted Jimmy Fallon some tasty honey from her own beehives. The 77-year-old artist also shared some wonderful stories, such as how she appeared in a wrestling magazine and how she managed to make a zebra cut-out dress from a pillowcase her neighbour found on the street. Read on to know all about her good times.

Fresh Honey From Beehives, And An After-Party Story…

While most superstars meet Jimmy Fallon empty-handed, Debbie Harry is too courteous. The 77-year-old artist brought a delicious gift as she appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. A shocked Jimmy said, “You brought me a gift?” Debbie then asked Jimmy to open it and see for himself what was inside. Jimmy found a gorgeous honey-filled jar, and said, “it’s honey! From Debbie Harry, honey!”

Debbie revealed that the honey has been extracted from her own beehives. Jimmy then asked, “Do you remember the last time we saw each other?” Debbie responded, “Yes.” Jimmy recalled that Debbie ‘helped him out of a pickle’. He narrated the story: “I was at an SNL after-party for the 40th anniversary…And we were at the after-party at the Plaza hotel. And I was on-stage singing with the band. And I sang with Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande… and I saw you in the crowd.”

He continued, “And I go, Do you wanna sing “Tide is High”? And you were like, I can’t believe this idiot is asking me to sing. And I was like, sorry to put you on the spot, but you came up and crushed it.” Debbie commented, “It’s funny how people remember things differently.” Jimmy said, “Is that not what happened.” Debbie joked, “Not for me.” He then apologised for putting her on the spot. Well, Jimmy surely needed help and Debbie saw the desperation in his eyes.

Blondie Against The Odds (1974-1982)

When asked about Blondie’s new compilation and her tour this summer, Debbie replied, “Well, we started, I think, in the spring in the U.K. and then we moved over to this country, you know.” Jimmy said, “Do you remember when “Blondie” first came out and your first tour and your first big tour, and you were like, ‘Oh this is it, This is big time.”

“What’s the difference between then and now?”, Jimmy asked. Debbie spontaneously said, “bigger audience.” She revealed how they would play just everywhere back in the day. As for Blondie’s new album, Jimmy revealed the gorgeous “Blondie Against The Odds (1974-1982)” compilation that contained 10-inch vinyl, every album. He asked, “Do you have a favourite album? Debbie responded, “Hmm. Maybe, “Autoamerican”. She stated that there are so many songs in there that they never played.

Debbie’s Creative Zebra Dress…

Jimmy revealed Debbie’s cover photo from the 80s, and gosh! She looked stunning! Debbie Harry was truly a face of punk and fashion back in the day. Jimmy revealed one of her gorgeous zebra-print dress, and there’s a really funny story to it. Debbie revealed that the dress was a pillowcase. “So how did you end up making a pillowcase into a dress?”, Jimmy asked.

Debbie revealed that her landlord found it in the street and said, “Oh, this would be a good dress!” and “he sort of, you know–held it up.” She continued, “He said, you know just cut it here, and look it’s already there.” Jimmy burst out in laughter and said, “He found it in the street and gave you a pillowcase. And you go, I’ll make it into an iconic dress.”

A Love For Wrestling…

On another photoshoot of Debbie, Jimmy asked, “Can you explain to me being on the cover of a wrestling magazine? How did this happen? Why did this happen? And what was going on here? Debbie revealed, “Well, I met this woman in my neighborhood while we were living on 21st street. Her name was Nancy Moon. And we got to talking, and she revealed that she was a press person.”

She tried recalling if the lady worked for “The Garden” or Vince McMahon. Debbie revaeld that “the lady told her that, “Anytime you want to go”, and of course you know, Chris said, “you know, let’s go”. So we went there all the time.” Well, Debbie was a giant wrestling fan.

Jimmy then picked up the magazine and asked, “How was Andre The Giant? Debbie revealed that Andre was very nice, very tall and he shook her hand and it disappeared. She revealed she felt so short that she stood on her toes to catch up with him, but it didn’t help. But again, this led her to work with Andy Kaufman. Jimmy asked, “Why, because he was doing the whole wrestling thing?

Debbie replied, “Well, you know, I guess coincidentally, I don’t know. A play came from the U.K. It was called “Trafford Tanzi, and Trafford I think is outside Manchester. Jimmy asked, “So it was a Broadway show? Debbie replied, “Yea. It opened and closed in one night. Good times, eh? FYI, “Blondie Against The Odds” is available for purchase now!

As for Debbie’s band “Blondie”, their eleventh studio album, 2017’s Pollinator, charted at number 4 in the United Kingdom. Harry also continued to pursue her acting career by appearing in movies like “Dueces Wild” and “Elegy” throughout the 2000s. However, she embarked on an acting career, appearing in lead roles in Union City (1980) and David Cronenberg’s body horror film Videodrome (1983).

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