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Comedian Trevor Noah Set to Leave ‘The Daily Show’ After Seven Years

Standup comedian Trevor Noah is all set to bid adieu to The Daily Show! The South African native is leaving the Emmy- and Peabody Award-winning program after a total of seven years!

Continue reading to figure out the real reason behind Trevor Noah’s departure from the American television show.

Trevor Noah is leaving ‘The Daily Show’ after seven years

Yes, you read that right. Trevor Noah is saying his final goodbye to The Daily Show. For those of you who are unaware, let us tell you, Trevor took over the program from Jon Stewart in the year 2015.

Trevor disclosed his plans to leave the flagship Comedy Central series after a seven-year tenure on Thursday. The close sources have told Variety, that he shared his exit plans to an audience at Thursday evening’s taping of the program in New York.

In a special message shared by the official Twitter handle of The Daily Show, Trevor said, “I remember when we first started… so many people didn’t believed in us.[Appointing me as host] was a crazy bet to make. I still think it was a crazy choice, this random African.”

Noah further added, “I just [find] myself filled with gratitude for the journey. It’s been absolutely amazing. It’s something that I never expected.”

He concluded by saying, “I never dreamed that I would be here. I sort of felt like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I came in for a tour of what the previous show was, and then the next thing I know I was handed the keys. All I can say is thank you very much.”

As of now, it’s not clear when will be Trevor Noah’s actual exit from the program The Daily Show. We are pretty sure that his fans would be disheartened after learning the news but they say, Every end is a New Beginning.

What did the network have to say about Trevor’s exit from ‘The Daily Show’?

The network issued a statement regarding Trevor Noah’s departure from The Daily Show that read, “We are grateful to Trevor for our amazing partnership over the past seven years.  With no timetable for his departure, we’re working together on next steps.”

They further added, “As we look ahead, we’re excited for the next chapter in the 25+ year history of ‘The Daily Show’ as it continues to redefine culture through sharp and hilarious social commentary, helping audiences make sense of the world around them.”

All you need to know about ‘The Daily Show’

The Daily Show is a late-night talk program that airs each Monday through Thursday on Comedy Central. The show covers recent news stories as well as political figures, and media organizations, with the help of comedy and satire.

The talk show first saw the light of the day on July 22, 1996. At that time, the show was hosted by Craig Kilborn until December 17, 1998. From January 11, 1999, Jon Stewart took over the show and he went on to host the show till August 6, 2015. Trevor Noah began hosting the show on September 28, 2015.

Will you miss seeing Trevor Noah as the host of The Daily Show? Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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