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Characters Who Didn’t Deserve To Die in ‘The Walking Dead’

Directors, All You Have To Do Now Is Bring Rick Back!

The Walking Dead’s 11th and final seasons have already been aired.

‘The Walking Dead’ is currently as fantastic as it has ever been, if not better. That’s saying a lot considering it’s been the best show on television since it first aired a decade ago.

Some people have said it went through a rough patch in seasons 7 and 8, which I also agree with because of the evil entry of Negan, but I enjoyed the storylines.

I’m sure you’ve grown attached to the characters while watching The Walking Dead (like me). And, Damn, when your favorite character dies! It just doesn’t feel like watching, does it?

There were so many characters who didn’t deserve to die but in this article, We’ll be going over the seven characters from The Walking Dead who didn’t deserve to die. So, let’s have a look at these courageous individuals.

7 Characters Who Didn’t Deserve To Die In ‘The Walking Dead’

Here’s a list of 7 characters who didn’t deserve to die in ‘The Walking Dead’.

1. Carl Grimes

In season 8, episode 9 Carl offers his valued crewmates, including his father, a tearful goodbye. Carl, in my opinion, should not have died at all.

Lori (Carl’s mother) informed him how he was going to “conquer this world” and survive the apocalypse as she was dying.

It would have been awesome to see him develop into the next Rick Grimes and become a fantastic leader.

But, as we can see, Rick’s daughter, Judith is shown fearless just like Rick, so I guess she will be a great leader just like her father when she’ll grow up.

2. Lori Grimes

It’s difficult to witness a mother die in front of his kid, especially when the son killed his mother because her mother told him to do so.

Lori, Rick’s wife, and Carl’s mother died as a result of her efforts to preserve the baby Judith from her womb, who was actually Shane’s baby.

She promised Rick that this baby would be exclusively Rick’s and not Shane’s. Lori went into labor in the prison when all the Walker’s were freed.

Lori gave birth to Judith with the help of Maggie, but she was unable to endure the pain and urged Carl to shoot her. After saying his final farewell to his mother, Carl shoots Lori in the head, stopping her from turning into a walker.

Rick returned to the prison where she had died later. Only to discover that her body was vanished, seemingly completely swallowed by the ‘fat walker.’

When he saw Maggie with Judith he understood that Lori is no more and had an emotional breakdown with his son, Carl.

3. Hershel Greene

As we all saw in season 4, episode 8, Hershel Greene was brutally murdered. In front of his daughters Maggie and Beth Greene, the emotionless governor murdered Hershel.

Rick tried to persuade the governor that they had been through a lot to get here and that they should all stick together and survive.

The governor called Rick a liar and sliced Hershel’s throat, causing Rick and his men to become enraged, and the conflict began.

Hershel didn’t deserve to die at all, he used to give wise advice to everyone, he was generous, helpful, amusing sometimes.

Let’s remind ourselves that it was because of him that Rick & the band stayed alive.

4. Beth Greene

The incident in which the policewoman was stunned when she mistakenly fired the gun and the bullet went straight through Beth’s brain, killing her.

The policewoman realized she was going to die at that point, and she really did die. Maggie was overjoyed to learn that her sister was still alive.

And that she had a family member after her father died (Hershel). When they brought Beth’s body to Maggie, it was such a painful moment.

To be honest, I was hoping Daryl and Beth would fall in love, but their love story ended before it really started. It was so odd seeing Daryl cry. It’s rare for him to do so, and when he does, it’s a disaster.

5. Glen Rhee

The most tragic death of the series occurred in Season 7, Episode 1, which deeply devastated the survivors.

Glenn’s death was the most heartbreaking of the entire series, especially for Maggie, who had already lost her father, sister, and now his spouse with whom she was expecting a baby.

In front of his loved ones, Negan smashes Glenn’s head with a baseball bat, without any emotions.

Glenn was the one who facilitated Rick’s meeting with the survivors, which is completely devastating.

After Glenn’s death, Maggie wasn’t the same as before, she changed. She became a little bit insecure and depressed.

“Maggie, I’ll find you” ~ Glenn’s last words

6. Abraham Ford

A character with a short temper and equally profound wittiness who is impulsive and haughty.

Abraham was courageous, powerful, and persistent, but he also had a harsh and unpleasant side to him.

He was fearless, and it’s heartbreaking to see a character like this die at the hands of the “cruel” Negan once more.

He died in the same episode when Glenn died. In fact in the same moment right after Negan smashed Glenn’s head by his Lucille (Baseball bat).

7. Paul (Jesus)

Jesus was both a fearsome warrior and a charismatic figure. In the midseason finale of season nine, Jesus was slain by an unknown member of the Whisperers, who will go on to become the series’ major villains.

Paul was supposed to be a badass martial artist. I mean the character survived, takes out countless saviors and he deserves to be killed like this?

The meeting of Jesus with Rick and Daryl for the first time still makes me laugh, lol.

There are a few more areas where the shows could have been better, killing these characters was the few of them.

Despite these flaws, the show is fantastic and exciting, with plenty of emotion and suspense. I strongly advise you to watch it. I know it’s not interesting to watch when Rick is gone, but let’s just hope he gets back.

Let us know in the comments which character’s death saddest you the most.

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