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Cardi B Hits Back At Haters For “Black Magic Rumors”

Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B has been facing some serious accusations by fellow artists and their followers. Rumors about Cardi B making use of black magic have been circulating on the internet for a while. In her response, the 29-year-old rapper took to Instagram Live on Saturday (September 19) and hit back at the hater for accusing her of doing “black magic”.

Cardi B Doesn’t Need That Shit!

Grammy Award-winning rapper Cardi B has come out strong against the accusation of using black magic. The 29-year-old “Invasion Of Privacy” artist took to Instagram Live on Saturday (September 19) to address these black magic rumors and said:

“There’s been a rumor out there that I do f*cking Black magic. No, I don’t play that sh*t. I don’t need that sh*t. My destiny is my destiny. Your destiny is yours. I don’t need to do anything on nobody.”

While flaunting her long witch-like nails, Cardi mocked her haters and continued: “You know what’s crazy? When I pray to God and I feel like so many people, so many enemies, are just trying to disturb me and drive me nuts.”

The “WAP” rapper mentioned that she doesn’t tell god to punish her haters because “you cannot tell god to punish [his] own kid. She concluded, “I just ask God: handle m enemies how you want to handle them.” Well, she may have confirmed that she doesn’t practice black magic but her haters are gonna hate, and guess what? Cardi B doesn’t care.

As soon as Cardi B took to Instagram Live, fans started recalling the scandal with Nicki Minaj where she was accused of doing witchcraft on Nicki. Minaj recently spoke on Queen Radio and indirectly hit at Cardi by stating: “What if one of your favourite rappers went and did voodoo?” She also questioned her self-esteem.

When the live video circulated on Twitter, one user wrote: “Take your time with the lies babe.” Another wrote: “Nicki don’t speak on something she doesn’t have receipts to, first of all. second of all, she mentioned she had screenshots of the person talking about doing it to the somebody that told her and what makes cardi think her”

What’s The Tussle Between Cardi and Nicki?

If you’re confused by the constant Nicki Minaj references on Cardi B’s response to “black magic rumors”, let me enlighten you. In 2018, American rapper Azealia Banks fired shots at Cardi B by accusing her grandmother, Abuela Bardi of using witchcraft on Nicki Minaj. She also mentioned that Cardi was also an accomplice in the disguised act. She wrote:

“This is how the grandmother brujeria is manifesting. And she’d know a thing or two about spells and witchery herself as a proud believer in the practice. In December 2016, Azealia closed out 2016 with a bang—and a sandblaster, and an allegedly blood-stained closet—after a stomach-churning sacrificial dead chicken offering that she recorded for all of the social media to see.”

However, things took a weird turn when Azealia Banks changed her statement on Sunday (September 19) and told Nicki that she clowned her by saying that Cardi’s grandmother vodooed her.  On this Nicki said on Queen Radio: “What if one of your favourite rappers went and did voodoo?” Now she may have not taken names, but we all know she was referring to Cardi B.


Minaj even hit Cardi B by stating: “Imagine your self-esteem being so low, that you’re resorting to voodoo and witchcraft as if you don’t have to pay it back. Am I that much of a f*cking threat?” Banks posted an Instagram story recently wherein she stated: “I lied to you stupid hoe. Cardi’s grandma didn’t do witchcraft.” We don’t know what the truth is but it’s weird to see such esteemed rappers engaging in sh** talks like “witchcraft” and ripping each other’s character.

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