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Bleach Filler Episodes: The Complete List is Here

Bleach was one of the most popular series when it premiered in 2004. The series is out with the new installment Bleach: Thousand-year blood war. The series was a part of Big Three with Naruto and One Piece. Bleach has plenty of filler episodes, and here is a list of all the filler episodes in the Bleach series.

1. Episode 33 and 50

Episode 33 is the first filler of the series. Ichigo is nowhere to be seen in the episode. The episode is titled Miracle! The Mysterious New Hero. The episode’s primary focus is Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki, Ichigo’s younger sisters. Both sisters try to find a cat in an unnecessary adventure.

Episode 50 comes next in filler and follows the sentiment of a stuffed toy Kon. Kon goes on an adventure around Karakura town. Ichigo is not a part of this episode, and Don  Kanonji is primarily involved in the filler.

2. Episode 64-108 (The Bount Arc)

This is Bleach’s first entire filler arc. The Bount arc focuses on Ichigo and other members of soul society as they fight Bounts, mainly Vampires. The arc is quite exciting and enjoyable to watch.

The arc starts at episode 64 and runs for 44 whole episodes. Nevertheless, the entire arc can be easily skipped, as nothing important is covered.

3. Episode 128- 137 (Stolen Hogyoku Arc)

This arc is also totally skippable. However, some episodes are pretty watchable, and some are not. The arc covers Arrancar and how they aren’t happy with their leader Aizen. The high point of Stolen Hogyoku Arc is Hitsugaya, one of the most beloved characters in the entire series.

4. Episode 168-189 (Kasumioji Conspiracy Arc)

This is one of the most extended filler strings of episodes at 34. The new leader of Gotei 13 is revealed in the storyline. Shusuke Amagai takes over Gotei 13. However, he has an ulterior motive and plans to use the Kasumioji clan’s Bakkoto to get revenge. The Kasumioji clan is one of the families that make up the nobility of the soul society.

5. Episode 230- 265 (Zanpakuto Rebellion Arc)

This arc is one of the better filler arcs of the series. The story narrates the idea of  Zanpakutos rebelling against their master, the shinigami. The idea is very well thought out, but it was poorly executed. The arc is very predictable and gets boring after a few episodes. Ichigo takes care of it and saves the day.

6. Episode 317-342 (The Gotei Invasion Arc)

This is the last full-filler arc of the series. The story takes place a month after Aizen is defeated. This invites trouble in the soul society. Kageroza creates the Reigai bodies of Gotei 13 to attack the Soul Society. The arc is bearable as Ichigo struggles to do something about it.

The above are the filler arcs in the bleach series, which the viewers can easily avoid. Although, sometimes, many fans enjoy watching these fillers as some are pretty enjoyable.


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