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12 Best Car Racing Movies To Binge-Watch Right Now

If you want to see the drivers test their own limits in car races, you should definitely watch our picks for the best car racing movies.

We are certain that if you like cars in general, you adore car racing movies as well. Car racing movies are more than just 20 or more cars circling the circuit repeatedly. It’s also the adrenaline rush that we all experience when watching a car race movie.

Car racing movies have the uncanny ability to be badass. We can view car racing movies chilling in our house even if we have a hectic schedule if we wish to. The question now becomes which one should you watch and which is the best.

Now that we have put together a list of the top car racing movies for you, you no longer need to take the suggestions of every single friend of yours. In this piece, there may be certain movies you are familiar with our other ones which you really need to watch immediately. Because of how good they are.

Top 12 Best Car Racing Movies 

Are you ready to expand your list of car racing movies? then continue reading.

1. The Fast And The Furious

When the first Fast and Furious movie was released, it had amazing and original stuff. Due to the fact that it was a blockbuster, the sequel became a well-known series.

A joyful dream about the bold, the young, and the wealthy who are enjoying themselves while robbing and driving incredibly pricey or opulent brands of vehicles. Around the world, it draws young people, teenagers, and kids. It makes sense that there are 8 films in total.

The movie’s eye-catching visuals, high energy, automobile chases, spectacular effects, racing, speed, beautiful, cool, and attractive young men and women, and plenty of thrill are the key factors in their success. A few scattered explosions and wrecked cars. then a crash or a flip over.

The fast & the furious

We are sure that at least one person has recommended this movie series to you, but you may not have watched it because you find it dull. But we assure you that if you enjoy watching car racing movies, you will love this one.

2. Ford v. Ferrari

This is an excellent movie about the true story of how Henry Ford II took out his revenge on the race track by hiring Carroll Shelby to beat Ferarri at the most prestigious international race, the 24 Hours of LeMans after Enzo Ferarri pulled out of a deal to sell Ferarri to Ford and instead sell his company to Fiat.

In the 1960s, the rivalry between two racing car giant companies, Ford and Ferrari, led to car designer Carroll Shelby working with Ford to build a racing car that could defeat Ferrari in the 24-hour race of Le Mans, with a British racer Ken Miles, being the man behind the wheels.

The movie is directed by James Mangold with style and conviction. This film rises above just being a racing film. It has some terrific drama and some brilliant performances from Christian Bale as Miles and Matt Damon as Shelby, who after a point, start to breathe the characters they’re playing.

In between all the car company rivalries, and the ongoing sports car racing politics, it’s a drama that stays there, with Miles shown as a middle-class family man who’s having financial problems, a supportive wife who loves him, and a son who accompanies him in his races, there is a lot to take away from this beautiful film.

The ecstatic race sequences, the screeching of the tires, the readings of the odometers, the sound of engines roaring on the tracks, everything is just so good, that it would turbocharge you and you would start getting the urge from within to take your baby out for a hard spin.

3. Rush

The movie is set in the golden days of F1 racing, it tells about two of the world’s greatest rivals, James Hunt & Niki Lauda. Each man has a polarizing personality that fits into their rivalry. Hunt is a self-centered party-goer who relies upon his relations with everyone and Lauda is a serious, hidden man who achieves his victory in a more intellectual manner.

Though the rivalry between Hunt and Lauda is genuinely engaging still this movie is also about friendship with love and hate going on between two racers.

Under Howard’s direction, this real-life rivalry is expertly depicted on the big screen; the racing moments are magnificently shot with vivid photography & clear editing.

Rush demonstrates that racing is not just a pleasant sport; it can also be frightening, hazardous, and even deadly. Even if you are not a lover of racing, you should still see this well-made film.

4. Days Of Thunder

Tom Cruise, who portrays Cole Trickle, gets hired by a major company but has a catastrophic accident. But when he comes back, he must battle a particularly nasty racer who not only wants to destroy him but also render him helpless. The soundtrack by Hans Zimmer is amazing.

Additionally, this movie teaches me a valuable lesson about life when Trickle deceived Russ into thinking he would go around the outside when, in fact, he went inside and won the race.

Thus, it is straightforward: People may criticize you and claim that you are on the wrong path, but show them wrong by overtaking them unexpectedly and working diligently in silence.

5. Need For Speed

Need for Speed is about your average, hell-bent hero looking to clear his name.

Given that stories about street racing are rarely developed unless there are mafia or cartels involved, such as in Fast and Furious, many people thought this movie was interesting.

It includes cars, a subtly romantic undercurrent, heartbreaks, and Vendetta, which is suitable for a crowd that likes to see the main character manage various race cars. The actors did an amazing job of connecting with their roles and making you feel the stress throughout the more serious scenes.

The driving achieved exactly what they set out to do, which was to drive gorgeous cars across the US while keeping the stunts on the thin line between plausible and ridiculous. From the characters to the vehicles, it has something for everyone.

From vintage and contemporary muscle cars to million-dollar supercars, all of the stunts are entirely real with little to no CGI.

6. Death Race

It is based on Death Race 2000, a movie that is entertaining to see because of the race. The race was entertaining to watch, even if it’s the same thing everywhere else but darker and sadder.

However, the plot consisted solely of Jason Statham’s character being falsely accused of killing his wife, being imprisoned, and being forced to take part in a death race organized by the warden, who was played by Joan Allen. The acting is good, but the story is just another mundane futuristic jail drama.

7. Taxi Driver

Martin Scorsese’s 1975 thriller Taxi Driver, which features actors typically associated with film noir, turns the subgenre on its head and transports viewers on an incredible voyage through hell.

Tarvis Bickle, the greatest antihero in film, is featured. Bickle, a former marine who served in Vietnam and is currently suffering from depression and terrible sleeplessness, accepts a job as a cab driver working the night shift.

Although often mimicked, Robert De Niro’s performance has never been surpassed. It is unquestionably a masterwork of acting.

In this movie, 12-year-old Jodie Foster is a revelation, but the movie itself also leaves a poor aftertaste. This isn’t a movie that asks you to enjoy it. But it does raise some significant issues about where society is at and what violence really is.

Never has this movie felt so relevant. If Woody Allen portrayed New York in the 1970s as a place of wonder, beauty, and hope, Scorsese portrays the city as a picture of a hell that is both real and unavoidable. The brilliant writing by Paul Schrader is filled with unforgettable lines and people you’d never want to meet in real life.

The socio-cultural and political context, not just for this movie’s New York setting but also generally, makes us pause. When Travis remarked, “Someday, a genuine rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets,” we all related to that and had many different interpretations of what he meant.

8. Back To The Future

1985’s “Back to the Future” is the blockbuster hit that launched one of the most adored franchises of all time. It tells the story of Marty McFly, a high school student from Hill Valley, California, who aspires to become famous for his musical talent, especially with his girlfriend Jennifer (Claudia Wells).

The eccentric Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), who recently created a time machine out of a DeLorean, is also a good buddy of his. Marty McFly is whisked back to 1955 when the experiment goes catastrophically wrong.

He meets his future parents along the way, as well as Biff Tannen (Thomas W. Wilson), a cruel bully who relentlessly pressures his father (Crispin Glover) into obtaining his work.

Unfortunately, Marty’s interaction with his mother (Lea Thompson) results in his own existence being jeopardized. And now he must do everything he can to get them back together and return to his proper place in time before it’s too late.

The movie “Back to the Future” serves as a well-liked primer on time travel laws (as well as the butterfly effect it causes) for the general audience. And maybe the most convincing example of this type of scenario ever put on screen (if you ignore the Chuck Berry part and until you get into the sequels at least). Back to the Future is a gem from its time and an unforgettable movie.

9. The Italian Job

This is about a little payback rather than money. A close-knit group of criminals steals a large amount of wealth, but one of their crew members betrays them and ends up killing their leader.

Years later, the gang comes together to reclaim the riches and exact revenge on their former friend’s backstabbing. These robbers try high-octane retaliation with the aid of their leader’s daughter and some fast cars.

Although remakes are typically despised, this one pleasantly entertains us even if we haven’t seen the original. This movie will keep you seated in the driver’s seat thanks to its outstanding cast and expert choreography.

Simply one of the best heist movies you’ll ever get to see.

10. Death Proof

Buckle up for a joyride that can end in death. Stuntman Mike spends his days driving around in his death-proof automobile and killing unexpected women while doing so. He decides to follow three female stunt drivers one day, including a fellow stunt driver.

As a result of the girls’ survival, Mike becomes the prey and the hunter. You can expect everything from Tarantino in this wonderful burst of energy. This movie will have you in charge the entire time with its sleek action sequences and masculine performances.

11. Baby Driver

Edgar Wright delivers us an intense action thriller with a talented cast including Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Jon Hamm, and Jamie Foxx. Ansel Elgort plays Baby, a music-loving getaway driver who is always wearing earbuds and sunglasses and is involved with criminal mastermind Doc and his crew Buddy, Darling, and Bats.

Baby has a tragic backstory in this movie when his mother who was a singer died in a car crash. And he has lived with his adopted father who doesn’t speak. But they use sign language and have a collection of tapes.

Ansel Elgort does a good job in the role and is superb as a tinnitus-music freak-driver. Lily James as a waitress and love interest is cool on screen and cute while her chemistry with Ansel Elgort is superb.

This movie is the literal definition of how creative filmmaking can turn a simple and regular story into an exciting thrill ride for the audience. Overall, Baby Driver is a love drama with elements of the heist, action, and dark humor genres.

Tarantino’s violence, writing, stylized production, slick vehicle chases, and action are all excellent. A cool-monsoon entertainer, watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

12. The Art Of Racing In The Rain

Racing in the Rain is a movie about family and father-ship. The struggle of fighting for what you love, the thrill of racing, and the relationship between human racer Denny, and his faithful canine companion Enzo.

This will be a favorite among dog lovers if they pay close attention to the tale from the dog Enzo’s perspective (given flawlessly by Kevin Costner).

In the movie’s opening credits, a certain George Harrison song is extremely appropriate. The story then proceeds as we hear the thoughts of the main character’s best friend and golden retriever, Denny, a Formula One race car driver.

Yes, it will undoubtedly make you cry, but it will also make you laugh.

Make sure to tell us which movies you have previously seen and which ones piqued your attention in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to add more of your favorite car racing movies.

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