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25 Best Anime Trap Characters

This is a countdown to the best and most confusing, gender-fluid characters in anime history. While this list isn’t based on who looks the most like a trap, merely an outlook on how these characters with different backgrounds and histories all share some of the other character troupes.

From Frieza to Pico, these are the most recognizable faces in the world of trap characters in anime:

25. Hideyoshi Kinoshita

The first on our list is the trap character from Baka and Test: Summon The Beasts. A normal person in a class of 2-F, he is one of the kids with a very poor grade score but he makes up for it with his excellent disguise and manipulation tactics.

He is generally very good with others and attached to his twin sister, who is a prodigy but he gets annoyed when people misjudge him for being a girl, the reason for him being on this list.

24. Frieza

The first villain on this list, and a very recognizable one indeed. Hailing from Dragon Ball Z and feared as the Supreme King of Universe 7, Frieza is feared by one and all, even after his death people still fear his indomitable strength.

Frieza is one of Araki’s favourite antagonists, as he has mentioned this time and again in interviews and also the care and respect that this character receives in the galaxy are on par with the fear and admiration that people reserve for the God of Destruction, Beerus.

Frieza was the first big villain in the Dragon Ball Z era, but looking now in the Dragon Ball Super anime or manga, he has been popping up left and right, sometimes being an antagonist while at other times a side character.

23. Ritsu Sohma

A character that finds peace and solace in the art of crossdressing, this is a character that invites discussions on the topic of how broken and twisted the pressure of toxic masculinity is on young minds.

The whole storyline of Ritsu is that he cross-dresses because he feels like the burden that is being pushed on him will be lessened if he acts and behaves like a woman. While nothing is wrong with his actions, the more concerning thing about this is the reason why Ritsu indulges in the things that he does regularly.

Fruits Basket is an excellent show that looks at the flaws of characters and spends time with the aforementioned character and solves them while taking its sweet sweet time, which makes the whole arc meaningful in the end.

22. Tetra

The first idol on this list, Tetra is a cleric idol in the world of Log Horizon. Being a man in real life, she has been trapped in the world of Theldesia when the great catastrophe occurred.

While many characters from Log Horizon have been playing as the other gender while being another gender in real life, like Akatsuki, most of them are unhappy with the things being mishmashed like that, but not Tetra.

Tetra loves being a cute girl as her avatar and teases the men in her party, mostly Naotsugu, as he is taken by strong women. She is a playful personality who brings depth to her character.

21. Chihiro Fugisaki

Danganronpa’s trap delicacy, Chihiro is the Ultimate Programmer, and despite how awesome it might sound at first glance, Chihiro isn’t suited to be as cool and collected as one thinks of a great programmer to be.

Another popular trope in the trap character genre, Chihiro was always bullied into being strong and independent because he was a boy and to escape this cruel treatment, he tried to act and look more like a girl, which attracted not only more bullying but magnified the insecurities in his head.

Chihiro is strong and determined but only when it comes to his work apart from that he is always timid. He is apologetic and is often driven by tears and emotion which make him think of himself as weak and incompetent.

This trait in him declines as the series moves forward but we never see a sudden burst of change in him.

20. Aura Bella Fiora

The first tomboy on our list, Aura is bossy and at times dominating presence over her older brother. She has a strong and domineering personality around everyone she meets.

Being an NPC in Nazarick, she is wholly loyal to Ainz but unlike everyone else, she picks up on all the pervy stuff that Ainz does as the Overlord. She loves collecting beast species around the land of Nazarick.

Another character that Aura is taken by is Shalltear. It would appear through their instances together that they are rivals and would kill one another if need be, at the end of the day they both are very concerned and worried about each other and behave like real sisters on multiple occasions.

19. Titus Alexius

The clone of Scheherazade, the storyteller of the 1001 Arabian Nights and also the Magi of the Reim Empire, Titus Alexius was born for the sole reason of inheriting the place of Scheherazade.

Being so accomplished since birth while also having to do nothing for the fortune that he has generated Titus Alexius is bashful and arrogant when we first meet him. He is one to boast and sing his praises until his battle with Aladdin.

After the fight however he has a sudden change of heart and we get to know that the people that advised him turned him into this snobbish version of himself. After the night in the hospital with Aladdin, Titus reverted to a compassionate and cheerful nature.

18. Mare Bella Fiora

The brother of Aura Bella Fiora, being the more feminine, shy and introverted trope of trap characters in anime, Mare is a bit different from the rest. While being subservient and submissive towards everyone he meets, he is loyal to Ainz and will go to any lengths to complete his task, no matter how gruesome it may be.

A goofball who likes to sleep and read from the Nazarick library, Mare takes a keen interest in the plant species around Nazarick, unlike the beast species infection that his older sister has around the plains of Nazarick.

One striking instance with the character of Mare and the protagonist of Overlord, Ainz is when Mare was unable to do his task and there was no one around him to guide him towards the completion of his task, Ainz stepped in and helped the boy complete it.

The inspiring words and the determination that Ainz showed towards Mare brought him to tears of joy and appreciation for his master, Ainz.

17. Ryoji Fujioka

A father by day, an entertainer by night. This fan favourite character from one of the most progressive and out there shows in the anime scene of the late 90s, Ouran High School Host Club is on this list solely for one reason, those gorgeous locks.

A cheery and loving personality bundled up with a doting nature for his daughter, Ryoji is an amazing character. At first glance, you can see the hardships and turmoil that led him to be the way he is in his current standing.

16. Jakotsu

Another fan favourite among the Inuyasha fan base as well as the Pride associations that honour him and his creator for taking such a controversial decision in the shonen sphere which is projected towards young men.

Jakotsu is a stereotypical flamboyant homosexual villain which was all the rage in Hollywood in the 80s and 90s but hadn’t come into discussions in the Japanese media. Jakotsu brought this thought and ideology of the everyday homosexual man being a part of the media that was directed to audiences of all ages.

The scope of this character and the reach that it gained in the early period of the trap character solidifies Jakotsu as a must in any discussions relating to LGBTQIA+ and anime discussions.

15. Envy

A tricky character to include in a list like this, Envy is one of the homunculi and thus doesn’t give in to the binaries that make up the real world. He is the embodiment of the envious nature of the human species and thus is very envious of the material things that others around him possess.

The fact that he has a slender body with long hair and feminine facial features but with a harsh voice and insistence on him being referred to as the male pronouns often confuse the anime sphere.

14. Kalluto Zoldyck

Not the first one from the Hunter X Hunter but the only one on this list from the Zoldyck family, Kalluto is the younger brother of the series’ protagonist, Killua. Though we don’t know much about him, many people in this Hunter X Hunter universe have spoken about him, Killua and Illumi the two older brothers.

Being the smallest of the children, he was often seen with his mother in the first few arcs of the story where we follow Killua’s journey and learn about his background.

Later in the series, after the York New Arc, it seems like Kalluto has joined the Phantom Troupe as we see him alongside them fighting the Chimera Ants in the Chimera Ants Arc. The reasoning behind his joining is not revealed yet but as the manga continues we’ll get to know more about it.

13. Nyau

The most sadistic killer on this list, and yes Frieza is also a part of this one. Nyau is a member of the Three Beasts, despite looking like a child with cute devil horns and tails he is the most sadistic member of his group.

Carving the skin of his opponents while they were still alive, sends a chill down my spine even when I’m only thinking about it. Being loyal to Esdeath like all of his other comrades watching him on screen was the deadliest yet the cutest part of Akame ga Kill.

12. Aoi Hyoudou

A rather different character than your usual trap character tropes and all, Aoi is a proud cross-dresser and loves all things cute and cuddly. He has a very cute face which is admired as a man as well as a woman.

He is often seen as his alter ego, where he wears a blonde wig and gets ready in a Loli kind of outfit which is befitting to his overall appearance and gives a striking look in every pose that he appears.

As time moves on his height and masculine features come in strides and he is very distraught until he figures out the fashion aesthetic of unisex and male apparel that have cute themes to them.

11. Ruka Urushibara

If this was a list based only on how unrecognizable as a man does this trap character looks like to you, then Ruka Urushibara has everyone beat with just one look. When you are called out for being ‘girly than any girl, more feminine than any female’ in the show itself, then you are a surefire hit among fans of trap characters already.

The only character in this list to harbour feelings towards the main protagonist of the story, he even went out for a date with Rintaro, the aforementioned protagonist. This may be the only instance but Ruka also transitioned into a female in the show itself.

10. Emporio Ivankov

The most out and proud of the whole bunch of this list, Emporio is an okama and the ruler of the New Kama Land, and to signify this achievement he wears a queen’s crown on top of a king’s crown.

Being a kind-hearted man, and adorning friendships and bonds as his most primary treasures. He believes that any man, woman, or okama should be left to live as they want, and he also doesn’t give two hoots about what other people think about him.

After meeting Luffy and their adventures together, Iva maintains a great respect for the son of Dragon and wishes them well in their journey.

9. Shiota Nagisa

A common occurrence among the trap characters of the anime industry, with a bit of a twist to the general formula. Nagisa is generally shy and doesn’t speak much, and while this might make him less of a character in other anime, in Assassination Classroom this ability is taken into a whole different outlook.

Presented as being calm and collected as well as an eagerness to learn, as shown that he regularly takes note of everything that Koro Sensei does and says.

The history of the character showcases the depth that he has, being born as a boy when his mother wanted a daughter, his life is completely overruled by his mother, forcing him to be effeminate and act more feminine.

8. Pico

The protagonist of the World’s first-ever shotacon anime, Pico from Boku no Pico is the most infamous and controversial character on this list. Being mistaken for a young girl, Pico is pursued by a man who wants nothing but sexual desire from Pico and he goes to disgusting lengths to achieve it.

Dressing Pico as a girl with everything down to the choker, Mokkun made Pico into the figure of his sexual desire. After this incident, Pico is corrupted by the influence that Mokkun had on him but still pursues a fulfilling relationship with Chico.

Pico is often shown with his iconic blue speedo and primarily swimming or playing near the waters. He is seen as a cheerful and loving personality even after the incident with Mokkun.

7. Naoto Shirogane

One of the party members of Yu in Persona 4, Naoto is a reserved, calm and collected character, who never shows her true form in front of her friends. Coming from a lineage of excellent detectives she always is in her detective attire and is very mission-focussed.

Due to her aspirations of becoming a detective, she hides the fact that she is a girl from the world, which leads to the group’s confusion in the beginning but as time moves forward she reveals that despite her gender or age she wants to be seen as an adult and be treated like one.

6. Gasper Vladi

One of the male protagonists of the hit ecchi anime, Highschool DXD, Gasper is a half-vampire and half-human who has transformed into a demon thanks to Rias Gremory. He wields the power to stop time, and because these powers were uncontrollable, Gremory is stuck in the Kuoh Academy.

Being a trap character with feminine features and a shy personality, usual tropes of this character type, he is a quiet student who likes to wear the girls’ uniform to school because he feels like it is cute.

In addition to being a trap character, he is given a power through which he transforms into Gasper Balor, where he is way more aggressive with his powers but maintains his consciousness throughout.

5. Neferpitou

The most dangerous catgirl in the anime world, Neferpitou was considered to be a woman or a female version of the Chimera Ants until Togashi, the series creator himself came out and said that Neferpitou is not at all female.

With cat-like features and a feminine voice behind the character, Neferpitou was considered to be female by most fans but the love that Togashi has for gender fluid characters shines bright with Neferpitou.

Involved in arguably the best anime arcs of all time, Chimera Ant Arc, Neferpitou was a great and the majority of point of view for the outlook of the enemy side for the viewers.

Being the most loyal, she was ready to give her life for Komogi, at the behest of her master, Merurem. She was brutally murdered by Gon in his supreme state in a battle not fit for young viewers of the show.

4. Haku

The first trap character for most of the anime otaku fanbase, Haku is the central antagonist in the Zabuza arc of Naruto, the second arc of the series and being the first mission of Team Seven.

The fight between Haku and Naruto is regarded as one of the most underrated fights of Naruto as it was detrimental to what Naruto is today. The character of Haku was also mentioned in the anime to be confusing as to whether he is a boy or a girl.

While Kakashi reveals it at the beginning of the mission itself, it wasn’t really clear until we see the flashback of Haku during one of the best moments of Naruto when Haku comes in between Kakashi and Zabuza and gets killed in the sudden frenzy of the duel.

3. Felix

Being a cat person, Subaru, the protagonist of Re: Zero points out bluntly that if he is a cat person why not be female instead, calling out the fantasy tropes of catgirls and the animosity and love surrounding the theme in the anime and light novel industry.

Felix is a loyal and diligent character shown to be kind and compassionate towards Subaru, the servant of the direct competition of his mistress but only to a distance.

While not much is shown in the anime or the light novel concerning the background and history of Felix, it can be speculated that there is a kingdom of cat people in the Re: Zero worlds that we have yet to meet.

2. Astolfo

The only Fate series character, he is said to be amongst the most handsome men to ever live, but now he appears as a feminine boy of short stature who loves to wear cute feminine clothing as he feels like it is very cute.

While being famed in legends as weak and one who has made countless irredeemable mistakes, he was also a part of the 12 Paladins of Charlemagne and was even said to have reached the epitome of the moon during one of his adventures.

1. Kurapika

The best and brightest when it comes to being the best character as well as being the best character to fool the audience in the appearance of being a man or a woman. One of the central protagonists of Hunter X Hunter, Kurapika is one of the shining jewels of the series.

He is one of the characters in the anime and manga who has near-complete control over the battling energy in the Hunter X Hunter world, Nen. He is calm and collected and very diligent when he battles any sort of enemy.

His end goal in the series is to recover the eyes of his clan, the same eyes which grant him the feat of excelling at Nen and all of its forms. Kurapika has been part of some of the best fights in anime history, like the one against Chrollo and the way he had all of the Phantom Troupe under his palm in the York New Arc.

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