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Bella Hadid Celebrates Five Months of Sobriety on Las Vegas Trip

Bella Hadid is proving that you do not need alcohol to party and have fun!  The supermodel, who was on a trip to Las Vegas over the weekend, said no to liquor as she partied in the city and revealed that she has been sober for five months.

The 26 year old has spoken candidly about how alcohol affected her mental health in the past. She first announced her decision to stray away from drinking in August last year. Continue reading to know more about how Hadid celebrated her sobriety.

Bella Hadid Celebrates Five Months of Sobriety in Vegas

The model took to Instagram on Sunday to share the news of her sobriety. She posted a video of herself dancing in a casino in Vegas and wrote, “5 months no alcohol today.” Hadid sported curly hair for the party and rocked a black dress. She smiled from ear to ear while dancing.

She also posted the video on TikTok and wrote, “5 months alcohol free.” A number of followers then congratulated the model with their comments. “Everyone ignoring the caption. Bella so many people look up to you and are proud of you for quitting,” wrote a follower.

Another commented, “Your rebels are So proud of you Bella! We love you and we love that you are happy and sober.” A fan also wrote, “Bella Hadid is sober, so I became sober.” Another penned, “Yess let’s normalize not drinking alcohol plz.”

The Model Prioritized ‘Her Brain and Mind’ by Moving Away from Alcohol

Hadid talked about why she decided to leave alcohol in an interview in August 2022. She said, “Over the years, I’ve always found myself reverting to alcohol when I feel low energy, or my anxieties start to come up. I’ve really scaled back my alcohol consumption this year and have made brain care my ultimate priority.”

At the time, she was still in the process of completely getting rid of her drinking habit. “Moderation is everything for me. While I rarely get ‘drunk’ anymore, I’ve completely stopped drinking hard alcohol… I have learned what my body can and can’t handle. I’m a ‘glass of Champagne and head home’ kind of girl,” she revealed.

‘It Got Harder for Me to Go Out Without Having One Drink,’ Says Hadid

The supermodel doubled down on her decision to go sober in another interview at the beginning of the year. Talking about how she struggled with alcoholism, Hadid said, “I have done my fair share of drinking. I loved alcohol and it got to the point where even I started to, you know, cancel nights out that I felt like I wouldn’t be able to control myself.”

“My social anxiety was something that slowly crept up on me as I grew into my twenties. It got harder for me to go out without having one drink to calm my nerves, which made me not want to go out at all so I was just hibernating between jobs,” she added.

“With a life that is constantly pushing a social regime, along with working 13 hour days, every single day, I knew this wasn’t a sustainable life for me,” Hadid explained, adding that she now relies on non-alcoholic beverages to calm down her anxiety.

More power to Bella Hadid! Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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