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Bella Hadid and The Weeknd Relationship Timeline – Will The Romance Bloom Again?

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd, whose actual name is Abel Tesfaye, started dating in April 2015 and ended their relationship amicably in November 2016. The 32-year-old Canadian musician and the 26-year-old model’s on-again, off-again love lasted when they resumed their relationship in April 2018 until calling it quits once again in August 2019.

Let’s check out the timeline of their romance, which is a ride of its own! Let’s get started!

April 2015: Bella and Abel spent time at Coachella

After spending time together at Coachella, in which he performed, Bella and Abel quickly developed into more than just friends. They had been “flirting,” a source spoke to E! News, whereas another said Coachella is “where they really clicked.” As per Us Weekly, this couple has gone on double dates with Miley Cyrus & her then-boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger as well as Gigi & her ex-boyfriend Cody Simpson.

August 2015: Bella and Abel went on a double date

At Los Angeles hotspot The Nice Guy, Bella and Gigi embark on a second double date with their respective boyfriends, Abel & Joe Jonas. Taylor Swift reportedly attended as well, per People.

September 2015: Couple enjoyed NY Fashion Week with each other

They were spotted going hands in hand when they got out of the Alexander Wang event in September 2015 and were pictured enjoying New York Fashion Week with each other.

October 2015: Abel gifted Bella a Yorkie

Later, Bella’s mom Yolanda & sister Gigi joined Hadid and Abel in Soho in the month of October 2015 to express their support for the couple. As a gift for Bella’s 19th birthday, Abel sent her a Yorkie dog called Hendrix.

December 2015: Bella was featured in The Weeknd’s music video and then the duo broke up

In Abel’s most recent music video for the song In The Night, Bella portrayed a femme fatale. They could be seen driving a vehicle with each other in a stunning shot.

According to E! News, the couple would take a break before the year ends because of their hectic schedules. One source claimed that “they remain involved in one another’s life, but not in the exact exclusive capacity.” They split on Christmas.

February 2016: Couple’s debut at 58th Grammy’s

Just at the 58th Grammy Awards, Bella and Abel made their first red carpet-appearance as a duo.

March 2016: Abel supported Bella at the Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards

Bella received support from Abel during the Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards.

May 2016: Met Gala 2016

The 2016 Met Gala was attended by Bella with Abel.

August 2016: Bella talked about Abel for a magazine

Bella talked to Glamour magazine about her relationship with him, revealing that she wonders about him frequently while modeling and that, whenever they’re together, he goes by “Abel” rather than by his stage name. She also explains why they chose to make their Grammys appearance as a pair.

November 2016: They broke up

After dating for one and a half years, Bella & Abel reportedly broke up on November 10 according to People. Abel is “focused on completing and selling his album… they continue to have a significant amount of affection between them and will keep in touch,” according to one source, who also blames their busy schedules.

The Weeknd’s latest album, Starboy, gets launched just two weeks later. There at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Bella & Abel re-unite on stage as he performs again for the second time in a row and she makes her VS premiere.

January 2017: Abel and Selena started seeing each other

Selena Gomez and Abel were found making out in Santa Monica. Bella stops following Selena on Instagram as a result of the news.

November 2017: Abel started seeing Bella again

Abel is often seen departing Bella’s New York City apartment barely 2 weeks after Selena Gomez & The Weeknd split up, based on the photography company that shot the images.

According to a source who spoke to E! News, The Weeknd went to Bella’s ever since Bella decided to meet him and see how things turn out after he approached her and asked to hang out as well as catch up. She is aware that even if they wouldn’t date once more, they can still be close friends.”

May 2018: They went to Cannes Film Festival’s Magnum x Alexander Wang afterparty

At May 2018 Cannes Film Festival’s Magnum x Alexander Wang afterparty, Bella & The Weeknd have all been over one another. The singer was seen being caressed by Bella, who was also heard speaking to him in a whisper. During the party, the pair was indeed seen sharing a kiss.

July 2018: They explored Tokyo with each other

Bella & The Weeknd were seen exploring Tokyo together and taking in the sights. The Weeknd even shared a photo of Bella via his Instagram story.

August 2018: Bella supported Abel in Lollapalooza

Bella, who always stands by her boyfriend, traveled to Chicago to see The Weeknd perform at Lollapalooza. One could see Bella humming along to her boyfriend’s song “Pray For Me” in the video shared on social media.

September 2018: Bella supported The Weeknd At Global Citizen Festival

So, Bella went with The Weeknd as he traveled to New York to play at the Global Citizen Festival. Abel posted numerous images of the couple eating supper with her on his Instagram, along with a sweet picture at the end.

October 2018: The Weeknd and Bella celebrated her birthday together

For Bella’s 22nd birthday, The Weeknd posted the cutest collection of pictures on Instagram. Naturally, the party didn’t end with a post on Instagram. Additionally, Bella & The Weeknd spent a memorable day out and about in New York. They visited the Ladurée shop in Soho alongside Bella’s friend Ally Afalo, where they sipped lovely champagne and ended up eating chocolate cake.

The Weeknd allegedly invited Bella to relocate to his new home as immediately as he completed the paperwork, as per TMZ.

November 2018: Abel met Bella’s extended family

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Bella Hadid & Abel made a significant advancement in their romance. Abel met with members of Bella’s extended family in addition to the Hadids. Bella introduced her cousin as well as nieces to her boyfriend while taking them to see Abel’s concert in Abu Dhabi, where the couple had gone together for.

February 2019: Bella and Abel spent Valentine’s Day together and spent Abel’s birthday together

Bella Hadid showcased the gorgeous floral arrangement that Abel stunned her with on Valentine’s Day, proving once more how seriously perfect this couple is together.

Bella Hadid & The Weeknd were enjoying Abel’s 29th birthday just 2 days following their endearing Valentine’s Day celebration. The pair began the evening off in coordinated camouflage attire. Unsurprisingly, a shoot took place, and Bella posted the images on Instagram.

August 2019:  Broke Up Again

The couple hasn’t spoken for a few months, but it seems like Bella & Abel have broken up yet again. A source for E! claims that the couple’s problems stem from their distance and their dissimilar schedules. Even though the split news is undoubtedly heartbreaking, there is still a slim chance that Bella & Abel will reconcile in the future.

October 2019: Abel attended Bella’s birthday, but as a friend

When Abel attended Bella’s 23rd birthday celebration, whispers began to circulate that their relationship was very much back on track. Another E! source claims that he spent the entire evening with her and that they returned to their shared apartment together after leaving. They both seemed ecstatic to be with each other, and it was clear that they were in love. The Weeknd simply attended Bella’s birthday as a friend, according to a representative for him. The couple is still not seeing each other.

The Final Thoughts

Fans rooted for the relationship between Bella and Abel. Sadly they are not seeing each other for now, fans still hope for them to patch up. It is tough to speak about whether their romance would bloom again or not. Bella and Abel have a long history with each other and hopefully, they still are on good terms.


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