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All of Jesse Williams Secret And Public Relationships Explored

Jesse Williams is most popularly known for playing Dr. Avery on Grey’s Anatomy. Apart from that, he is also a director, producer, and civil rights activist. Jesse Williams graduated in African American Studies and Film and Media Arts. He spent his early years teaching children in Philadelphia High School.

Jesse likes to keep his love life private. But from what is known, his love life sure is interesting. Let us take a look at the relationships he has been in.

Aryn Drake-Lee

The couple first started dating back in 2007. They fell in love and engaged in 2010 and were married by 2012. However, the marriage did not last long as they filed for divorce five years later. Jesse filed for joint custody of the two kids, Sadie and Maceo, and was not keen on paying child support.

Although, the couple split amicably and did not disclose the reason, PEOPLE revealed that relocating to Los Angeles might have strained their relationship. When they got married, Jesse was a school teacher and Aryn worked in real estate. The drastic change in lifestyle might have been too much for the couple to handle.

Minka Kelly

Soon after the divorce in 2018, Jesse was linked with Minka. Although Jesse told everyone not to ‘believe the hype’, they went on to date for a few months after shooting for Detroit: Become Human together.

They never talked about the relationship in public, but he did comment on it in his appearance on the JAY-mini-documentary Z’s Footnotes for 4:44. He said “I used to be in a relationship.”

Jesse added, “I somehow threw a 13-year relationship – like the most painful experience I’ve had in my life like with a person I’ve loved with all of my heart – that I threw a person and my family in the trash because a girl I work with is cute.”

After all, his alleged relationship with Minka might have been the reason for their divorce, and it seemed like Jesse regretted it.

Taylor Rooks

Later, Jesse Williams started dating Taylor Rooks, a SportsNet New York anchor. The couple was spotted together over the Memorial Day weekend. Afterward, they were spotted spending quality time at Kevin Hart’s comedy show in Atlanta city.

However, the couple never came out to confirm or deny the relationship. They allegedly broke up a few months later.

Taylour Paige

This was Jesse’s first relationship since his divorce that he acknowledged in public. The couple’s relationship was confirmed when they were seen holding hands at the Frieze art show in New York. They even went on to do an interview together with GQ.

Talking about their first interaction, he said “I was in the middle of a conversation with a very close friend, and she walked by. Everything got quiet. I stopped that conversation and said, ‘I’ll be right back.’ I just zoomed in on her. The rest of the night, we were this close to each other, talking, laughing, dancing, and ended up together in conversation until six in the morning,”

Taylor agreed that she felt the same way about him and thought that she had dreamt about him before she even met her. Jesse said, “We came from very different worlds. Taylour is very feminine and into spiritual planes, astrology. I’m very practical, fact-based, and masculine.”

Unfortunately, the relationship did not last and the couple broke up sometime after the interview. The Grey’s Anatomy star is said to be single at the moment.

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