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A Fantastic Chemistry: Dave Franco Improvised With Jamie Foxx In ‘Day Shift’, Made A Music Video

Dave Franco stopped by at the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show for a chat with the host Lamorne Morris. Dave spoke about his amazing chemistry with Jamie Foxx on and beyond the screen. He narrated how the two improvised on the set of the Netflix movie. Well, Dave couldn’t stop praising Foxx and referred to him as the “most wonderful and giving man on the planet”.

A Fantastic Chemistry With Jamie Foxx…

While congratulating Dave Franco for the new Netflix movie “Day Shift”, where he played the nerdy and badass character of Seth, Lamorne Morris talked about his fantastic chemistry with Jamie Foxx. Well, the two vampire hunters get along really well in both, reel and real life.

As Lamorne spoke about his chemistry with Jamie Foxx on “Day Shift”, Dave Franco replied, “Thank you very much, I adore Jamie Foxx, he is the most giving and wonderful actor in the world.” The 37-year-old actor also mentioned that he told his wife that he may love her to the core but no one has ever hyped him as much as Gabe.

He even quoted an example by saying, “We were improvising a lot in the movie, okay, and at one point, you know I say a line mowing down vamps with my best friend bud and the director calls cut. Jamie comes up to me and he’s filming me with the phone, and he says that line again but says it like this!” Dave imitated Jamie as he said, “Mowing down the vamps with my best friend bud.”

Dave added that Jamie even sent that clip to his music producer and within the hour he turned it into a full song. As for Jamie, he was already blasting that song on his boombox backpack on the set and turned him into a musician in just one hour. He added, “Since then Jamie has three rappers do verses, on top of it, we’ve shot a music video and it’s like you say a line on set with Jamie and then you’re on a rocket ship, you’re just trying to hang on.”

Jamie Foxx Pitched Dave…

When asked about getting pitched by Jamie Foxx before, Dave Franco replied “The first time I met Jamie Foxx, we were in a conference room at our agency and he was pitching me this movie that he was gonna direct and he opens up the script to page one and he starts acting it all out and doing all the voices of different characters.”

He continued, “I quickly realised oh he’s about to act out this entire script for me and he’s got again, he’s got his boombox backpack, he’s playing the soundtrack and two hours later he performed the entire movie.” Dave mentioned that he had no idea about what to do so he just stood up and gave him a slow clap. Dave stated that Jamie Foxx is the most entertaining man on the planet.

Lamorne Morris couldn’t hold back his excitement and shared his own story about Jamie Foxx. He revealed that he ran into him once during a birthday dinner and he came to him and pitched Morris a movie. Lamorne said, “He was like, hey man I got this idea right, so it’s me and you right, and we got into the bank, uh, but then all of a sudden, Michael B. Jordan comes out but surprised he didn’t know this. I’m his father.”

A Salsa Number With Jamie…

After sharing some laughs, Lamorne revealed that Dave and Jamie are great buddies, they did “Day Shift” together and even went on a press tour. He continued, “You went on this Spanish language TV.” Dave replied, “Yes we did this thing and it’s real.” Lamorne asked that he heard that the two did a little dance number also.

Dave responded, “You could call that for me. It was one of these things again wherever you go with Jamie, like, he just breathes it. It is so easy to him, like, we’re going to this big screening and they’ll introduce Jamie and instead of going in front and giving everyone a wave, he’s running up and down the aisle. People are screaming and crying. He is hugging them, kissing them, and then Dave Franco, and I just meekly shuffle my way out.”

Coming back to the story of the Spanish language TV show, as the moment played in the background, Dave revealed, he revealed that Jamie comes out and “he’s got the salsa music blasting all of them, yea, all of them start moving.” He added, “You see, I am awkwardly trying to stay on the side, well, they actually framed me out. They’re all grooving and there’s no winning situation.”

He added, “I don’t dance, I am the a-hole who doesn’t want to participate, but like if I do then I am this,” Dave said while making fun of himself. While joking that the wrong camera guy framed Dave out, Lamorne got up and offered Dave a dance. Well, the two danced together and I must say, Dave really needs to work on his salsa skills, eh?

The movie, Day Shift was released on Netflix on August 12 and is directed by J.J. Perry in his directorial debut. The film stars Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Meagan Good, Karla Souza, Steve Howey, Scott Adkins, and Snoop Dogg. Well, the movie is funky and when you’d see it, you’d know the wonderful chemistry between Dave and Jamie.

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