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8 Unscripted Scenes in ‘Friends’ That Just Happened

So no one told you life was gonna be this way.

The power a show/movie holds is backed by the three people that make a fine choice for the show — Director, the Writer, and the Cast of the show.

But the actors are the one that adds an element to the show whether it’s emotional depth, improvised scenes, and last but not least unscripted moments that happens.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S comedy sitcom which almost completed 25+ years still holds a special place in every spectator’s heart. The sitcom has everything amazing script, great actors, and talented show makers.

Still on the top-grossing shows of all time even after all these years is a huge success. The show depicts the ordinary life of 6 friends. When life was much easy and carefree.

And when you had time to explore and enjoy life’s essence with people you love. Those 6 friends got smiles on billions of faces. And we’ve something special for the spectators of the show. Are you ready for it? Oh, you definitely are.

8 Unscripted Scenes In’Friends’ That Just Happened

The Unscripted moments are the funniest and the editors did a great job of not editing the moments. And when you learn about those scenes the episode gets funnier.

Yes, there were some moments in the show that “just happened“. It was all their natural performances that enhanced that scene and made it impossible for us to forget. Let’s dig in. Grab your snacks because it’s time to recall some of the best moments of the show.

1. When Ross Hands The Lamp To Chandler

Oh yes, that was definitely not on the scripts. The genuine reaction to Chandler was everything and it made the moment the funniest, unscripted.

We all know what a spontaneous and humorous actor Matthew Perry aka Chandler is but when Ross jumps in excitement when he is on the phone, he accidentally hands the table lamp to Chandler.

And our favorite Chandler was so confused that the genuine reaction was kept in the episode which was a good decision, indeed. This reveals that the actors are so engaged in the performance that they let their natural acting shine.

2. The Worst Hangover

Ross and Rachel, a couple who has great chemistry but everyone knows their relationship was quite on and off. But they still look adorable together.

Rachel and Ross get drunkenly married while they were on the off part of their relationship. And while they acknowledge their mistake and Ross tries to convince Rachel to give the marriage a chance and continue.

Where Jennifer Aniston exasperatedly improvises the line “Ross this is not a marriage but the world’s Worst Hangover.” Ouch! that hurts.

3. Practical Jokes

When Rachel was asked to babysit Ross’s son Ben for a while. Rachel wanted to come out as fun, so she starts with some practical jokes. When Ross returns back, Rachel pulls off a sticker that was stuck by Ben on Ross’s back as a prank.

Ross gets mad at Ben and tries to catch him, while Ben runs out of the apartment and climbs up the stairs, and this scene was Unscripted and was meant to prank Jennifer Aniston.

Where they threw a dummy dressed like Ross from upstairs and Oh Boy! Rachel’s shocked reaction was real from Aniston. The reaction was so funny the editors kept it in the show.

4. The Painful Cabinet Smack

While Joanna was Rachel’s boss and quite smitten by Chandler while making out suddenly Joanna was called to look for some work.

She handcuffed Chandler in her office and when Rachel and her colleague enters the cabin see him half-naked.

Chandler asks Rachel to help him out of the situation while he is asking her. He accidentally pulls the drawer he is handcuffed to and gets smacked in the head hard, ouch!

This was an accident that happened, but the directors just asked to keep it in the show. and the reaction that Rachel gave was actually genuine. Everyone was shocked.

5. Blue Blazer Black

When Joey was having a hard time looking for a job, Ross helps him with a blue blazer for his audition.

Chandler, as usual, couldn’t resist making fun of Joey and he says, “Donald Trump wants his blue blazer black” which was scripted and not a mistake. But Rachel and Monica mocking him for his mistake was so spontaneous and in character. They thought to keep it.

6. Pages Stuck

The shows one of the famous Thanksgiving episodes. Where Rachel cooks the famous English Trifle and messes it up for good, where Ross finds out the pages of the cookbook were stuck and she cooks a weird mixture of Trifle and Shepherds Pie.

Well, Joey comes up with the filthiest joke to blame Chandler for the sticking of pages where the reaction was quite funny to not keep in the show.

7. The Last Laugh

Friends show will always be one of our favorite shows, for its great script and fine actors. The last goodbyes were sad when all the actors were moving out Rachel asked ‘Should we have coffee?’

That’s when Chandler says ‘Where?’ as if they were not going to Central Perk.

This is when the set of Central Perk was demolished and Matthew Perry says this the cast smiles which lightens the mood and this came out so perfectly as the show ends.

8. The Real Cry Of Carol

Carol and Ross were indeed together at the start of the show, and they had some challenges. Remember the dramatic scene in which Ross pleaded with Carol to give him another chance and return to him?

That sequence was actually quite moving, thanks to Carol’s tears and, of course, Ross’s acting skills. Carol was not supposed to cry, and it wasn’t in the screenplay. According to a publication, the actress simply felt like crying and did so.

And it’s all thanks to Ross’s performance. The actress was moved to tears by the lines that Ross said from his heart.

She stated, “It was so emotional and he made me cry. My eyes welled with tears as we were doing the scene because he was so tender and so loving.”

The Writers Asked Matthew Perry To Add His Touch To The Scripts

The show still holds a great audience worldwide. Netflix made a huge amount to keep the show for the next year and it’s on the list of top 5 trending shows of all time.

The show’s story was first focused on only 4 characters excluding Joey and Phoebe but the actors were so good at what they do the additions were made.

The actors also helped bring change to the script and the characters were given a different look. Matthew Perry aka Chandler Bing played his character pretty well. It was like he was playing himself, the writers use to ask Matthew to add punches and some humor to the script.

The group’s adventures and troublesome happenings made all of us laugh. And that’s what ‘friends’ are for.

What’s your favorite scene from this incredible show? Did you know that these scenes were actually unscripted? The comment section is open for gossip.

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