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7 Best Characters of Yellowstone According to Spectators

Let’s look at the characters of Yellowstone that spectators think are the best.

Like in every television series, viewers will have their own preferences for the characters they love and despise. Favorite characters are always the protagonists, while the antagonists are almost often the ones we despise.

The series revolves around John Dutton, a sixth-generation homesteader and devoted father, who owns the largest contiguous ranch in the United States.

He runs in a corrupt society where politicians are bribed by powerful oil and lumber corporations and land grabs net developers billions of dollars.

Dutton’s property is constantly at odds with those it borders, including an expansive town, an Indian reservation, and America’s first national park, due to shifting loyalties, murder cases, open wounds, and hard-earned respect.

7 Best Ranked Characters Of Yellowstone According To Spectators

But in this piece, we’ll focus on our heroes of the series ‘Yellowstone’, who serve as the show’s leads and capture the hearts of viewers with their admirable traits. The ranking is done by the spectators of the show. Are you anticipating meeting them? Look at the list below.

1. John Dutton

Costner plays John Dutton, a third-generation rancher, who owns the largest ranch in Montana. Without John Dutton, there is no Yellowstone.

Spectators like him because he’s one of the last real men, as far as characters on TV dramas go. He’s a successful rancher who is in a tough situation because of all the greedy people coming after him, trying to find a way to take his land from him.

He owns the biggest ranch in Montana and they’re insanely jealous that he owns all that land. The Indians, the real estate developers, the media, and more are going after him, trying to take what is his away from him.

They just didn’t count on him fighting so hard and being so smart. John Dutton doesn’t ranch because there is a lot of money in it for him; there isn’t. Most years he just hopes to break even.

He ranches because it’s a worthwhile endeavor that keeps food on the dinner tables of families around the country. Because he’s extremely good at doing it. And because it’s more than just a job. It’s an entire way of life that he loves with all his heart.

All he wants to do is to keep what he has so he can pass it down to his children. He’s a good father, he’s overall just an admirable guy, the kind of guy you’d like to be friends with.

He has the things that seem to be in short supply these days: honesty, integrity, toughness, a work ethic, and a backbone.

2. Jimmy Hurdstrom

Viewers mostly like his sense of humor, but mostly they love his character growth throughout the series. He starts off as a troubled young man and drug addict who is pretty much on a one-way street to prison.

Rip Wheeler basically kidnaps him and forces him into servitude on the ranch, as a favor to his grandfather.

Jimmy initially despises the ranch, the cowboys, the job, and most of all, he despises his life. He’s not exactly the class favorite, so the cowboys feel the same way about him.

Many of them wonder what the young man—a complete novice in cowboy abilities and instincts—is doing on the ranch in Yellowstone.

Slowly, however, Jimmy proves himself to be fearless and loyal and hardworking and the cowboys, even Rip, who was his hardest critic, accept him into their way of life.

By the end of season four, Jimmy, the once derelict, degenerate drug addict, is now a highly capable cowboy and has gained not just the respect of everyone on the ranch, but their love as well.

3. Rip Wheeler

Fans adore Cole Hauser’s (Rip’s) expressions, mannerisms, and disposition the most since they make the character seem completely original.

When an actor who has been kicking about for a while finally lands the part that will bring them the recognition they deserve, it’s cool. In addition, Rip is adored for his strength, loyalty, and lack of pretense.

He doesn’t feel inferior despite the fact that he obeys commands and has a high status. His storyline is heartbreaking yet he builds this character into such a dynamic character.

It takes strength and skill to portray a character that is deeply scarred by life. And yet capable of love and pure loyalty, without asking for anything in return.

4. Kayce Dutton

We hope you agree with us that Kayce makes a good husband and father. Every woman will expect that of him. Watching Luke Grimes perform is like enjoying the greatest piece of tender, juicy prime beef for dinner and tiramisu for dessert because he is an absolutely amazing character.

Additionally, Kayce doesn’t have an ego, and he always has a sincere and that good-guy personality on the show.

5. Beth Dutton

The character of Beth played by Kelly Reilly is so simultaneously strong and damaged, fierce and vulnerable. Beth is the kind of woman you would want in your corner when you plan on taking over the world or storming the gates of hell.

She does an excellent job of demonstrating why it is important to never undervalue a strong woman’s sense of conviction, which is why when she speaks, the audience finds it impossible to look away.

6. Chief Thomas Rainwater

Instead of employing the “noble savage” cliche, the showrunners made the chief’s character more morally ambiguous, which was well received by the audience.

He appears to despise the Duttons a lot, and we believe that his past—which includes the scars—will explain why. Chief’s personality is intriguing even though some people find him to be unlikeable.

We say that he is mostly because, when we consider his goals, he is unquestionably one of the most morally dubious people. His motives are so hazy, especially in regards to the business side of things, that it kind of makes you wonder what card he will pull next.

It’s true that as the episodes progress, viewers sense that he is drifting more and more in the direction of his own interests rather than those of his people.

If this is the case, viewers believe that he will end up in a pretty interesting conflict once he realizes this and begins to reflect on his actions. But viewers still want him to be a reliable character and to develop throughout the series.

7. Jamie Dutton

There are a lot of Jamie supporters. Viewers have always felt for him. He always seemed out of place from the get-go. And his father was so distant/transactional with him despite Jamie literally being the “perfect” child in terms of fulfilling expectations, attending the right school, getting the right degrees, doing exactly what John wanted, and staying close to home as an adult, etc.

Unlike his siblings, he also never really challenged John (til the AG race), and always seemed meek and timorous. Then as the series goes on and you learn some of the nuances it’s like, yeah the Beth thing is awful and inexcusable. But John’s behavior towards him is just abysmal and gets worse and worse.

Additionally, viewers find his persona to be very fascinating. He is a shy, needy pushover at home, but when he is working as a lawyer, he is this uber-confident murderer. His character has always seemed to have the most potential for the audience.

Each character is complex, much like actual people often are. There are both good and bad persons who commit crimes. Contradictions that walk.

At first, some viewers might not fully understand why some characters behave in a specific way, but it is eventually made clear. You grow addicted to Yellowstone’s characters and don’t want to stop pursuing each one to learn about their past and futures.

Character development and the various strands that are expertly woven into the complex plot are excellent.

When the violence is ended, the action scenes—whether they involve fighting, shootouts, or cowboy work—are so excellent and convincing that you exhale your breath without even realizing it had been held.

Even though we listed the best characters, there may have been those that we overlooked. If so, don’t forget to let us know about them in the comments area below.

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