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15 Ugly Disney Characters that Viewers Didn’t Like

Faces are never ugly, hearts are.

From Mickey Mouse (1928) to Frozen 2 (2019), Disney movies have taught us great life lessons, from the joy we got from the funny scenes to the sorrow we got from the sad scenes.

The Disney movie characters instilled in us the ability to believe in ourselves. Some characters taught us the proper way to do things.

While others taught us the wrong ways to do things. The characters who taught us bad lessons are referred to as ‘The Ugly Characters.’

These characters always wanted the bad for others and were selfish. Even if some villainous characters in Disney movies were pretty, they weren’t ‘pretty pretty,’ they were deep ugly from the inside.

We can take the example of the Evil Queen from the Disney movie ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’. She was pretty but she was an arrogant and proud woman, she wanted the bad for Snow White but in the end, Snow Whites’ beauty won.

This shows that when someone is ugly from the inside, their destiny becomes ugly too. As a result, the evil queen’s prettiness was useless.

We’ve always talked about the pretty and kind characters but have we ever talked about the ugly characters? Certainly not.

15 Ugly Disney Characters That Disney Viewers Didn’t Like

So in this article, we have compiled a list of the ugly characters from Disney movies. So let’s pour a little bit of hate on them and get to know about their ugly acts.

You already know the names, but if you don’t let’s go through 15 of them.

1. Drizella Tremaine & Anastasia Tremaine

Movie – Cinderella

To be honest, these two are ugly from the inside as well as from the outside. If you don’t know them so let me tell you these two are the stepsisters of Cinderella.

They always bully her alongside Cinderella’s stepmother. When they got an invitation from the prince to the ball, they were doing everything to look pretty. They even tore off Cinderella’s dress.

Which was Cindrella’s mother because they wanted to look more pretty than her and wanted to impress the rich prince charming. (Even though in the end the prince fell in love w/ Cinderella).

As per the result, Cindrella was pretty on the inside that’s why her destiny got pretty.

2. Evil Queen/Wicked Queen

Movie – Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

There’s always that one character who is jealous of the beauty of another. And here she is the ‘Evil Queen’. In short, she is a Ruthless witch who wants to be the fairest in the land.

So when she got to know through the mirror in which she asks every day the question “Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land? The mirror always replies: “My Queen, you are the fairest in the land.”

But one day when the queen asks the question the magic mirror says Snow White (evil queen’s stepdaughter) is the fairest of them all. She gets jealous and tries everything to kill the beauty of snow White and to be the fairest in the land.

“When she breaks the tender peel, to taste the apple in my hand, her breath will still, her blood congeal, then I’ll be fairest in the land.” ~ Evil Queen

3. Ursula

Movie – The Little Mermaid

As we can see in the photo, she is wearing dozens of grams of makeup, and still, she does not appear to be lovely after wearing that much.

She’s a wicked sea witch who was behind Ariel (The Little Mermaid) to convert merpeople into polyps for her garden. In exchange for Ariel’s voice, Ursula pledges to turn her into a human.

Ursula thinks she can seduce the Prince and acquire authority on land by making Ariel mute so she’d be able to make King Triton ( Ariel’s father) kneel in front of her.

In short, Ursula wanted full control of the seas under her command for that she needed King Triton’s trident.

4. Yzma

Movie – The Emperor’s New Groove

This nasty witch isn’t particularly appealing. She is the advisor of Emperor Kuzco. The emperor fired her from this job because she was making decisions for the throne behind his back.

She wanted to kill the emperor because he fired her so she could take his place as an empress. She tries to take her evil plan into action with her foolish assistant “Kronk”.

5. Mother Gothel 

Movie – Rapunzel

Gothel is an elderly woman who maintains her beauty thanks to Rapunzel’s healing long hair. She’s egotistical and will go to any length to reclaim her youth and beauty. She was only pretending to adore Rapunzel and using her.

She is unconcerned about her selfish and phony internal mentality, but she is concerned about her outward appearance. And that is something we should avoid learning.

6. Jafar

Movie – Aladdin

This Disney character pretends to be the long-lost uncle of the main protagonist (Aladdin). He is tall, black, and frightening. He’s also recognized as a traitor because he deceived the Sultan by posing as a trustworthy adviser.

He is a vicious individual who aspires to be the “king.” He does his evil acts alongside his “Snake Staff” which he uses to hypnotize people, whenever someone comes in his way.

7. Madame Medusa

Movie – The Rescuers

She is a scary-looking character. Her name suggests a woman who had the power to turn people into stone when somebody looks in her eye.

In the movie, she’s shown greed for diamonds. When she loses her temper no one shouldn’t be around her. She wears too much makeup, has big scary eyes, and talks in a weird manner.

8. Cruella De Vil

Movie – 101 Dalmatians

“Cruel,” as her name suggests. Cruella is a character who shows contempt for others. She considers herself to be superior to others and looks down on them.

As we can see from the coats she wears, she takes them from animals furs, that’s why she appears to be stylish.

She only exploits animals to make herself appear good, in reality, she is brutal to them. A person brutal to animals can’t be pretty at all.

9. Scar

Movie – The Lion King

The Lion King Disney movie represents the story of two brothers; Mufasa & Scar. Mufasa loved his lion brother Scar. But the same feelings weren’t returned to Mufasa.

The scar was envious of him and aspired to be the kingdom’s ruler.

He devised a plot with the hyenas (evil people) to assassinate his brother to gain control of the throne.

10. Quasimodo

Movie – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

People frequently refer to this character as ‘hideous’ or ‘Devil’s creation’ since he was born with a large wart covering his left eye.

He, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. In truth, he is a gentle and imaginative individual. Because of the people who call him names, he develops self-doubt.

He is a fantastic friend who is exceedingly protective of and concerned about his pals.

11. Edna Mode 

Movie – The Incredibles

A short Disney character who is half-German, half-Japanese, while remaining entertaining.

Edna enjoys designing wacky outfits (especially of superheroes) and isn’t a fan of supermodels. She is a character with a big class and a small body.

Many fans have stated that Edna’s haircut, petite stature. And facial characteristics are similar to actress Linda Hunt, who is an American actress and made her film debut in Popeye (1980) as Mrs. Oxheart.

12. Roz

Movie – Monsters Inc

Roz is a character with a large neck, which is understandable given her status as a monster. She is an elderly woman with strange hair that is always up and lips that are partially covered in rose-colored lipstick.

She can easily become enraged, and poor Mike has always been the target for not filing the paperwork.

13. Mr. Smee

Movie – Peter Pan

Mr. Smee was a type of character that used to blindly follow his villainous captain’s orders, which he is very loyal to.

He has a weapon and has named it ‘Johnny Corkscrew’. He adores youngsters, despite their fear of his large nose and his clumsiness.

14. Queen of Hearts

Movie – Alice in Wonderland

Her name, “Queen of Hearts,” does not match her personality. She should be named as “Queen Of Arrogance”. Because of her arrogant nature she enjoys hearing others appreciate her.

People get mad at her actions which are somewhat psychotic and annoying.

She wears a gown with black and yellow stripes in black and red. Also, she wears a little crown on her head and considers herself to be the “Queen.”

15. Philoctetes (Popularly Known As Phil)

Movie – Hercules

A half-man, half-goat character with a snobbish demeanor, who is easily offended and does not accept rudeness. He has a big heart and is considered a loyal friend.

Phil is half-bald and short, with two goat-like horns on his head, a beard, and a round red nose.

Phil’s biggest ambition is to be known as the trainer who gave birth to the greatest hero of all time, but his attempts have always failed. Phil’s attempt to make Hercules a hero rekindled hope in him.

Ugly characters in Disney movies make it more interesting to watch, Doesn’t it?

Well, now you know the 15 ugly ones. Do you know any more? Tell us in the comment section below. And also let us know your views about these which were mentioned above!

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