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Top 20 Halloween Games for Kids, Adults and Families

Hosting a Halloween Party? How about playing some games too?

Halloween is just around the corner. There is always room for some fun elements. Halloween Games are one of them especially when they are completely free and add more to the ghostly vibe.

Time to look at some of the Halloween Games to enjoy regardless of which age group you belong to!

Top 20 Halloween Games

Games multiply the fun of parties and that being said, we have got you some of the best Halloween games to play while you are having a spooky night.

1. Halloween Memory Game

Find and test out the memory of the party players.

The online memory card generator allows you to create 16 unique cards. Some of the cards include a haunted house, ghost, Frankenstein, jack o’ lantern, bat, spider, and a lot more.

2. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are super fun.

With the available Halloween Scavenger Hunt Cards which you can easily pull out online. Put clues all around the house for a surprise box of pumpkins full of treats.

3. Scarecrow Relay Races

Kids must race against each other to get their scarecrow dressed.

A great Halloween game for adults and kids. Alternatively, older people can try a variation where they can be the scarecrow themselves and race off for the same conclusion.

4. Halloween Heads Up

It’s simple.

Write a Halloween word on a piece of paper of post-id cards. Place all these names in a deck of cards and someone has to pick one from the pile with their eyes closed. Then, the guessing game begins.

5. Pumpkin Patch Stomp

Balloons full of treats.

Make sure to fill orange balloons with treats, candies, or loose change. Do this before you inflate them. A golden chance for trick-or-treaters to ”pumpkin patch” to claim the prizes.

6. Wrap the Mummy

You would need a copious amount of toilet or crepe paper to wrap your human friend into a mummy.

The one who does it the fastest is the winner. The other way around, you can play another game to undress the mummy.

7. Halloween Word Scramble

Use Halloween terms to create new words out of your brainpower. You can challenge your guests.

So, before you are about to end your party, try this game out.

8. Eyeball Hunt

Remember how an Easter Egg Hunt goes?

Well, this one is similar. Hide googly eyes all around the backyard and compete against each other to see who finds the most of it.

9. Monster Match Halloween Bingo

As the name says, you need to monster match in a row first to win.

Get some Monster Match Halloween Bingo Cards and the one who matches the four rows first is the clear winner.

10. Donut Eating Race

Never been in a donut-eating race before? Try it this Halloween.

Do a taste check to see if the donuts are sturdy enough. Make sure to have adults participate in the game because you won’t be able to get rid of laughing if they join in. Cover the eyes for more fun.

11. Zombie Eyeball Toss

A fun game for adults, kids, and everyone who wishes to.

Stock up some Halloween cups from your nearest store, make sure they are spooky enough. Scatter all these cups on a board for everyone to aim at. Oh and don’t forget to add the zombie eyeballs.

12. Pumpkin Penny Pitch

Involve your guests, adults, small and young kids for this one.

Figure out the guests who can put the maximum number of pennies in the pumpkin. For fun, take the pumpkin away from adults and place it closer to younger ones.

13. Autumn Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

Get some mini pumpkins in orange and white color for a mind game called Tic Tac Toe.

We all know the rules. Use one color as the ‘X’¬†and the other as ‘O’. Classic yet fun.

14. Halloween Story Game

Put a horror story prompt to each of the Halloween party invites.

Once the guests arrive, they should present a story that is based on their prompt. The one who gets the maximum vote for the most interesting and horrifying story ns. Don’t forget to ask them to bring their invite.

15. Truth or Scare

Similar to the Truth or Dare concept, the Truth or Scare is a Truth or Dare with a twist. Players have to choose from the two options.

In truth, players are bombarded with Halloween-themed Q&A whereas, for the Scare part, they could be asked to take up physical challenges that are scary. You can find the list of truth or scare on the Internet.

16. Pumpkin Ring Toss

Make sure to get pumpkins that can fit a ring on the head or alternatively, you can choose one with a long stem.

The simple yet elegant fun ring toss game is ready. To play at night, color the pumpkins.

17. Candy Jenga

Halloween and Candies!

Get a bucket full of Halloween Candies. You could either go for Hershey’s or Kit-Kat. One by one, take turns to stack them.

The loser is the one who knocks it down. The winners get the candies.

18. Candy Corn Bingo

We have all played Bingo.

The Candy Corn Halloween board is different. You can replace the numbers with ghosts, black cats, witch hats, candy, pumpkin, and more of Halloween stuff.

Use colorful markers to carry the game forward and to find out who wins.

19. Mummy Bowling

Halloween and Mummies are a perfect combination.

Take some plastic pins and wrap toilet paper around them. Put some glue to add googly eyeballs. Time to have a round of bowling with your peers this Halloween.

20. Halloween Movie Master Game

There are many Halloween movies to enjoy with your family during Halloween.

Therefore, this game lets you choose a backdrop and recreate scenes from any of the Halloween movies. Get the props, set the theme, decide the movie, and let the movie master game begin.

Halloween is incomplete without Halloween games and we can’t disagree. Have fun playing these games all the while during Halloween. Happy Halloween y’all.


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