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Tesla Autopilot Vehicle Crashes into a Private Jet Worth $3.5 Million

A video reportedly shot at an aircraft enthusiast event has gone viral on the internet where someone used the autopilot feature of the Tesla car and saw it crash into a very costly jet that was parked on the tarmac in slow-motion. The jet is reportedly worth around $3.5 million.

This feature of “Smart Summon” is available in Tesla Model Y wherein when the feature is activated, it will call the car to its owner.

In this viral video, the Tesla car creeps up to a Cirrus Vision jet and rams with its tail. After this, it keeps pushing and moving the huge 1.5-ton heavy jet around in a semi-circle before it halts.

How did the Tesla EV crash into a multi-million jet?

The man responsible and behind this incident has posted the video originally on the Reddit platform saying that they saw this happen at an event hosted by aircraft manufacturer Cirrus.

In another post of the video to r/teslamotors, they mentioned, “I also drive a Tesla Model Y – but was not the poor soul (with poor decision-making abilities) who summoned his Tesla around several expensive aircraft – only to crash it into the most expensive one ($3,500,000)!”

Tesla’s Smart Summon feature

The Tesla website says, “Smart Summon is designed and intended for use only on parking lots and driveways located on private property where the surrounding area is familiar and predictable”.

Even though the name is “Smart Summon”, it is actually not that smart always. There have been instances of cars hitting poles and also causing some nail-biting near-misses in the place where it is parked.

A tarmac with private jets worth millions of dollars likely doesn’t count as a well-known place or estimated area, however, the autopilot feature of Tesla is expected to be smart enough to see a huge jet plane in its path rather than ramming into it directly.

Just after few weeks post the release it was used more than 550,000 times. Tesla Inc, CEO Elon Musk described Smart Summon as “Tesla’s most viral feature.”

Many owners of Tesla cars have uploaded videos of their vehicles being involved in crashes and almost avoiding fatal incidents while they were trying to test the new Smart Summon feature.

Purpose of Smart Summon feature

The feature is primarily used so that your car drives back “autonomously” to you from the place where it was parked in the parking lot. Basically, the feature is the first “self-driving” feature for Tesla in a true sense as it can be used without the presence of any person in the car.

While using Tesla’s Autopilot or Full Self-Driving Beta features, the owner of the car should always be attentive at all times and should take immediate control in circumstances where the situation goes beyond control. In today’s article, the accident is an extreme example of a Tesla vehicle crashing into a huge jet.

In the recent past, there were instances wherein Tesla vehicles running on autopilot mode have faced difficulty in identifying objects that are lifted off the ground just like a semi-trailer.

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