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Stability Control Glitch Forces Toyota to Issue a Recall of 460000 Vehicles

Toyota motors in the US have issued a recall on 460000 vehicles due to a technical glitch.

Apparently, a software bug disables the electronic stability control system every time the system is restarted, meaning every time the car is turned off and on.

What is the reason for the major recall?

This of course poses a risk to many drivers who rely on the car’s safety features to navigate the highway. With increasing reliance on electronic control systems within vehicles, the issue is that the computer in the car automatically manages the brakes on each tyre ensuring safe braking.

With almost half a million vehicles in the USA alone, the manufacturer is looking at a serious overhaul based on reports from the company newsfeed



Toyota’s Spokesperson, Aaron Fowles, has issued a statement “Due to incorrect programming of the Skid Control ECU software, the VSC will not return to the default ON setting at the next ignition cycle. Unless the precise operating input conditions are followed that will prevent the VSC from returning to the default ON setting at the next ignition cycle, the VSC will automatically return to the default VSC ON setting at any subsequent ignition cycle.”

It comes down to the simple matter of ensuring the ECU, (Electronic Control Unit) a small device in a vehicle’s body that is responsible for controlling a specific function, is running properly at all times

A list of vehicles models that have been recalled is as follows

Toyota models:

  • Venza
  • Mirai
  • RAV4 Hybrid
  • RAV4 Prime
  • Sienna HV
  • Highlander HV

Lexus models:

  • LS500h
  • LX600
  • NX350h
  • NX450h-plus

The Solution

As the situation stands, it seems like the dependence on software has left Toyota in a rather expensive bind.

The automaker that has seen unprecedented success across the global market is now under scrutiny from customers who feel like their faith in the brand has been tarnished.

Despite the recall, the brand continues to promote and sell these models and guarantees the customers that the issue is not one to persist. As time will tell the reliance on electronic systems and software will only increase and therefore is vital in moving forward in the car industry

This isn’t the first time the company has been forced to issue a major recall,

In 2010 the automaker was under severe scrutiny for the unintended acceleration issue, facing multiple lawsuits. one of the many recall attempts was to fix a bug that affected the hybrid antilock braking software.

The situation escalated rather quickly due to multiple car crashes caused by the accelerator pedal staying floored and the brakes failing in what was a deadly series of events. Estimated 21 deaths were alleged due to the pedal problem, additional complaints brought the total to 37 alleged deaths pertaining to the problem. although most of these weren’t easy to verify.

It left a lot of variables unanswered, Toyota was heavily fined and a lot of settlements were made out of court.

Assistive Links

If you or someone you know has one of these car models kindly use the link here to check your vehicle’s status regarding the issue or navigate to this website and type in your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to see the status of your vehicle or contact your nearest Toyota dealership/service center.

The situation isn’t as dire as most media outlets would have you assume, however, safety comes first and any effort to make roads safer is an essential process.

So stay driven, drive safe and stay tuned.

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