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YouTube Vanced Gets Shut Down By Google

YouTube Vanced used to be one of the best apps to watch YouTube videos without being bombarded by ads however this adblocking app got shut down this week after facing legal issues.

Why Did It Shut Down?

YouTube Vanced was never legal, to begin with, Vanced broke a lot of laws by changing the code of Google’s proprietary app. YouTube Vanced has always been a dark horse and many people were wondering as to how Google has allowed this app to go on even after it appeared in an official Samsung video.

Google finally caught up to Team Vanced as it has been found that the real reason behind Vanced shutting down is a cease-and-desist letter that was sent to the Vanced Team. This letter was sent by Google for modifying their proprietary app.

Team Vanced has been pretty silent about why this happened, given it didn’t happen much before but more than Team Vanced it’s the Vanced users who are feeling outraged.

Vanced Wasn’t Just an Ad Blocker

YouTube Vanced was not just an ad blocker it was much more than that. YouTube Vanced was basically a YouTube app for the people and by the people. YouTube Vanced had those features which the users wanted.

The darker dark mode feature allowed users to save more battery by making the dark mode darker and people loved it! Vanced team also kept the dislike button alive and got rid of the shorts shelf. Moreover, Vanced was not a half-baked project.

YouTube Vanced had full-fledged updates and supports moreover Vanced even had its own manager app for installation and updating the app, there was also MicroG support for signing into your Google account.

YouTube Vanced was also out with a YouTube Music Vanced recently but it had to all go crumbling down.

Twitter Is Enraged

Users on Twitter are in a heated debate on whether or not Vanced deserves such an untimely death. A lot of users have been condemning these actions as now they will be forced to face a volley of ads while watching a YouTube video.

Users have been complaining for some time now that YouTube is showing way too many ads on each and every video and that is something that users do not like moreover users of late have not been very happy about the updates on YouTube.

Why Users Are Upset With YouTube?

  • Dislike Button Removal
  • Shorts Shelf
  • 3 or more ads
  • Automated Video Takedowns

Why was the App Named YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is an interesting name as many of you may be wondering what it refers to. Well, YouTube Vanced is basically YouTube Advanced without the Ads. This was a clever way of developers giving a brief of this app. The app was indeed an advanced version of YouTube and will be missed by a lot of people!

NewPipe Is The New Vanced

A similar app called NewPipe is available which can be used by Vanced users in the meantime but do note that NewPipe is seriously behind Vanced as far as functionality is concerned.

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