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WhatsApp Users Will be Able to Send Videos and Images in Best Quality

Facebook acquired WhatsApp is working on introducing a new feature that will enable its users to send images without reducing their quality. With this new feature, WhatsApp users will not have to compress media files before sending them. However, this feature is still in the development phase, and there isn’t even any beta testing available for users yet.

WhatsApp is also planning to do major changes in the video quality settings. The new video quality settings will allow users to send videos on WhatsApp with minimum compression. As of now, there aren’t any such settings present on WhatsApp, and the app automatically reduces the size of images and videos to match with the capped limit. Additionally, WhatsApp is also preparing its app for one of the most awaited features – multi-device support.

Send Images Without Compression

As per the reports shared by the feature tracker platform, WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has released its update for Android v2.21.14.16 and it’s been found after going through the coding that the number one messaging platform, WhatsApp is planning to launch a feature that will allow users to share images in best quality. As of now, the maximum media file size that one can share on WhatsApp, regardless of whether it’s a photo, video, or voice message, is 16MB for all platforms. And roughly on most of the phones, the 16MB file size is equal to 90 – 180 seconds of video, as per WhatsApp.

Why WhatsApp Compress Images?

The limit cap of 16MB that is set on WhatsApp, automatically compresses the media file that you want to share. The latest beta update is giving hints that WhatsApp is working on extending the limit. With this new update, WhatsApp users will be able to select the photo quality of the images that they want to send by going to the settings. Users will also be provided with a “data saver option” too, and by enabling it they can compress the size of the media file up to a considerable extent in order to save data.

What’s the release date of this new WhatsApp feature? So, as of now, there isn’t any official confirmation on when this feature will roll out for beta testers as it is still under development. What we mean by “being under development” is that users will not able to use this feature even if they are using WhatsApp on Android beta v2.21.14.16. Other than the image feature, WhatsApp is also working on similar setting options for videos, as well as introducing multi-device support soon. The multi-device feature is very near to being rolled out for beta testing among the public. This new multi-device feature will allow WhatsApp users to log in through their WhatsApp account simultaneously on four different devices.

Whatsapp has also recently launched a voice playback speed feature. By using this feature, one can increase or decrease the playback speed of voice messages received on WhatsApp. This feature is very much similar to the playback speed feature found on YouTube.

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