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WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Feature Rolls Out for iOS Beta Users

WhatsApp has launched a new feature for its iOS users called “Disappearing Messages” and in case you haven’t received this new feature on your iOS device, go to the Appstore and update WhatsApp. Let’s check all the details of this new feature from WhatsApp.

Android users have been using the message disappearing feature of WhatsApp for a long time, and finally, after a long wait, it is now also available for iOS users. As per the report of WABeatInfo (popularly known for giving away accurate information about upcoming features of different applications), the rollout for the new disappearing message feature of WhatsApp has already started for all the iOS beta users.

Now that the WhatsApp disappearing message feature has started to roll out for the beta users of iOS, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this feature is just a few days away from being available for everyone else. However, there isn’t any exact release date of this feature for iOS users, but one can guess that it will be available to use for normal users within a week or two.

This new feature from WhatsApp is rolling out on the beta users of iOS phase-wise, therefore, if you have turned on the beta access on your iOS device, soon you will get an update from WhatsApp that will include the most anticipated disappearing message feature. Keep checking on your Appstore, and update the app as soon as you get it.

How does WhatsApp Disappearing Feature work?

The disappearing feature is considered among the best updates launched by WhatsApp, as it not only works for text, but also for media files that include videos, photos, audio, and many more. The WhatsApp disappearing feature is very much similar to the Instagram disappearing feature, which has been with Instagram for a long time. On Instagram, the disappearing message feature is popular by the name “view once feature”. The only difference that one can spot between the disappearing feature of Instagram and WhatsApp is that, on Instagram, you can only view the send or received message only once, whereas, on WhatsApp, the disappearing message feature will automatically delete or disappear the send messages after 7 days, from the time that it has been sent.

More Upcoming Features From WhatsApp

Lately, WhatsApp is working on several new features that will be available with us in the coming few months. Currently, they are mainly focused on introducing the most anticipated, multi-device feature. WhatsApp has been working on the multi-device features for a long time, and as per many leaks, we are just a few days away from trying out this feature on our device. As always, this feature will first be available for all the beta users and after that, it will start rolling out to the normal users. The multi-device feature will first be available on WhatsApp web and all the desktop users of WhatsApp, followed by Android and iOS users. This feature will give the access to using your WhatsApp account, on four devices simultaneously.

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