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WatchOS 8 is Out: Here are the Top Features

We finally have the latest watchOS 8 updates for the Apple Watch. However, the Apple Watch Series 7 that was announced during the California streaming, doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet.

The latest update comes along with plenty of new apps including respiratory rate tracker, fitness Plus, and many more. Further, if you’re own an older Apple watch then there’s good news for you, as the list of watchOS 8 compatible devices will be the same as that of watchOS 7. It means, even if you have Apple Watch 3, then also you will be able to download the latest OS update.

So, if you are looking for all the new features of the latest watchOS update, then this TheTealMango post is specially written for you. Here, we are going to talk about every new addition that has been made to the latest software.

watchOS 8: Release Date

Within one week of the California Streaming, where the Apple Watch 7 Series, iPhone 13, and other latest Apple products were announced, we have the new OS update for the Apple Watches.

However, we don’t have a confirmed release date for the new installment in the Apple Watch series – Apple Watch Series 7. But you can download and install the latest watchOS 8 on your existing Apple Watch to try all the new features.

watchOS 8: Compatible Devices

If you own Apple Watch 3 or later releases in the series then you don’t need to worry about compatibility. The latest watchOS 8 can be installed and enjoyed in all the models of the Apple Watch Series 3 onwards. The compatibility list will be similar to that of watchOS 7. It means if you have received last year’s update on your Apple Watch, then you are going to receive the latest update as well.

However, for upgrading to the latest OS update, you must be having an iPhone that is compatible with iOS 15, i.e at least iPhone 6S onwards.

WatchOS 8 Top Features

The latest upgrade for the Apple Watches doesn’t come along with any monumental changes, but it did offer many new improvements in the existing apps and has added a couple of new functionalities. So, let’s check all of them one by one in detail.

1. New Wallet

With the addition of the Wallet app, you will be given more options to interact with places and things without any physical contact. The features like unlocking the car and turning it on from the driver seat are only supported on Apple Watch 6, according to the firm’s press release.

Other than this, all the other Apple Watches will be having the option of adding more digital keys to the Wallet app. You will be able to use the watch for unlocking your home, office, and hotel. However, the most exciting upgrade is the ability to add the driver’s license, or State ID to the wallet app. This feature is currently working in some selected US States. And most importantly, some of the TSA checkpoints have already started to expect your ideas in digital forms. It means from now on, you don’t have to carry all the documents with you. All you have to do – upload them to the iOS Wallet app, and then you are good to go.

2. Mindfulness App

The Breathe app has now been changed to the Mindfulness App and has come along with many new activities. The sleep tracker has a new feature – it now keeps an eye on your respiratory rate, i.e. breaths per minute. Now you will be able to see the changes happen in your body in a longer period of time via all the data that have been fed up into the health app.

3. Workout App

The latest OS update will come along with new workout activities – Tai Chi and Pilates. Both these exercises have been added to the list in order to accompany the yoga workouts and they will help in relaxing the mind.

The Apple Fitness Plus WatchOS App has many more upgrades including the picture in picture mode. Now you can even transfer your workout schedule from one iOS device to another. It means you can pause the workout from one device, transfer it to the other, and resume the exercise on the transferred device. The playlist has also been upgraded with the latest Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Alisha Keys tracks.

4. Photos and Watch Faces

The photos app in the latest OS has been completely revamped. And there’s a new way to watch your collection. Now you can even use your portrait-mode photos as your Apple Watch face.

The time or other complications will be displayed behind the portrait photo. It will make sure that the face doesn’t get covered up from the numbers.

5. Message Response

In the watchOS 8, you will be able to move the cursor by twisting the crown. And you will also have access to search and reply with GIF messages. The update has also added a new Contact app. And using it you can edit, share, and delete your saved contacts.

Some other upgrades include the addition of a focus feature to the Apple Watch. So, whichever focus has been set on the connected iPhone, the same will be applied to the Apple watch.

So, these were all the new upgrades in the watchOS 8. To get more details on the latest software update, you can visit the Apple newsroom. Moreover, let us know in the comments which feature excites you the most. And what other features you were expecting from Apple in the latest watchOS 8 updates.

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