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SoundOn is TikTok’s New Platform for Music Distribution

TikTok has been trying to invade so many spaces at one go, it is making a huge stride. TikTok is now pushing to get into the music industry.

TikTok has recently decided to get into the music industry by making a platform for budding artists who want to share their music with the world. The platform is called SoundOn and will also come within built marketing tools.

What Is On Offer?

TikTok says that the artists can upload directly on TikTok and the distribution fee is 0. For the first year, even the transaction fees have been waived off. However, starting from year two TikTok will start taking a 10% cut.

“New artists and musical creators are a vibrant community within TikTok. SoundOn is designed to support them as they take the first steps in their career.” Ole Obermann global head of music for TikTok

The artists will retain royalty rights indefinitely from their tracks that have been uploaded on any of ByteDance’s platforms. ByteDance is the parent company of TikTok and also has Resso and CapCut in their portfolio.

This is seemingly a good deal as artists stand to get a lot of exposure and can actually earn a lot of money through this. However, everything sounds amazing on paper and the reality may differ largely depending on TikTok’s execution of all the things.

How to Join SoundOn

You can visit SoundOn by going to https://www.soundon.global/. Once you enter the site, you have to click the big blue ” Get Access ” Button.

Once you get to the signup page you can join using your existing TikTok account or you can create a new SoundOn account using your phone number.


The Tools on Offer

Most platforms similar to SoundOn offer some of the other analytical tools that really help the artists to grow such tools allow artists to make more money by learning insights from the analytics. Now, it was obvious that when launching such a platform TikTok would make some specific tools to let the artists analyse their performance.

The system for SoundOn is designed to offer artists promotional insights, these insights will allow the artists to create promotions as well as modify them to increase their revenue. There are also various performance metrics available to the artists which will allow them to tweak their work according to what the analytics show.

Select artists also will be given access to TikTok verification and their songs will be put into the songs tab for TikTok. This will be a major booster and will for sure be a motivating factor for most artists and that is very nice. Given, TikTok’s reach this special program would allow for artists to become more famous without paying extra for advertising.

SoundOn Has Been in Beta Since 2021

Contrary to popular knowledge, SoundOn has been in the beta testing phase since 2021 and has evolved a lot before finally coming to the public. SoundOn’s long beta testing phase just goes to show the level of perfection that TikTok wants in this platform.

The platform is now officially out of the beta phase and has been released to the public. The platform is now fully available in the US, the UK, Brazil and Indonesia. The platform has also been adopted by celebrities like Muni long and Game We Play who are very well known.

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