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Sony A7 IV: Expected Release Date, Features and Price

If you’re looking to buy a mirrorless camera in 2021, then what better option can you get other than the upcoming Sony A7 lV. Although specification-wise, it doesn’t offer much compared to some other releases of 2021. But it is still a great upgrade over its predecessor Sony A7 lll, and it has a great chance of becoming a full-frame all-rounder.

It has been more than three years since the last release was made in the Sony A7 series. At the time of its release, the Sony A7 lll was able to set a new standard of what a mirrorless camera can offer at a minimal price of $2,000. However, in recent years, other camera manufacturers like Nikon and Canon have launched many new high-tech cameras, and have bypassed the standards set by Sony A7 lll. It means that the last release of the Sony A7 series is lagging behind its rivals in important aspects like video frame rates and EVF quality.

The global chips shortage has hit the market when Sony was in great need of an upgrade in its A7 series. And because of the shortage only, the Sony A7 lV release, which was about to happen in September, has now been postponed to October.

Nevertheless, we are here with every piece of information available regarding the Sony A7 lV. So, without any further ADO, let’s check them out.

Sony A7 lV Release Date and Pricing

According to information put out by a trustable source, Sony Alpha Rumours, the launch date has been postponed to October from mid-September.

No doubt, this decision has been taken because of the global chips shortage that is behind most of the delays happening in the launch of various tech gadgets. Further, the global shortage can also affect the availability of the product, as per Sony Alpha Rumours. It means, regardless of the demand, limited cameras will be manufactured during the first few months of the release. To be precise, don’t expect the Sony A7 lV in your hands before 2022, until and unless you have some connections with the Sony authorities.

Coming to the pricing, the price of a body-only Sony A7 lV is expected to be approx $2,500. It is very close to its closest rivals like Canon EOS R6 and Nikon 6 ll.

Sony A7 lV Series: Expected Features

Till now, there isn’t any major leak regarding any of the features that we are going to see in the Sony A7 lV. But the rumours regarding the features of the upcoming release is very high in 2021. So, here’s everything available to us regarding the features of the A7 lV.


The upcoming release in the A7 series is expected to come along with an improved high-resolution sensor. According to various rumours, the A7 lV sensor will offer 33 Megapixel resolution. And if it does, it will give the camera an upper hand over its closest rivals – Canon EOS R6 and the Nikon Z6 ll.

Some other rumours indicate that the camera will have Sony IMX 555 full-frame sensor that offers 30.65 Megapixel resolution and 36.6 FPS. However, it’s almost impossible for the camera to offer the theoretical limits of the sensor hardware. So, the actual numbers that the Sony A7 will offer will be around 30 FPS. It is still a great upgrade over its predecessor that offers just 10FPS.

Viewfinder And Screen

Sony Alpha Rumours suggests that the camera will offer 3.69 million dot EVF. No doubt, the numbers are way below when compared to the 5.76 million dot panel of the A7R lV. But still, it is a great upgrade over the A7 lll that offers 2.3 million dot EVF.

Want to know about the pixels? The predecessor offers 1084 x 768 pixels. Whereas, the A7R lV offers 1600 x 1200 pixels. So, it is expected that the upcoming release will offer a pixel between these two cameras -1280 x 960 pixels.

Further, image output and AF will be just class-leading, compared to the LCD that will feature in the A7 lV. Further, the A7 lV is expected to offer a bigger screen size compared to the 3-inch LCD screen of its predecessor.


Until recently, it was almost confirmed that the upcoming release will offer 4K/60fps. And it would have been not only a great upgrade over its predecessor 4K/30fps. But would have also put the camera way ahead of its competitors.

But a recent report from Sony Alpha Rumours indicates that the camera will only offer 4K/30fps. So, those who were expecting a 60 FPS camera, now will have to adjust with just full HD.

Burst Shooting

There isn’t any confirmed leak regarding the Sony A7 lV burst speed. But after a lot of digging around the internet, we are here with some news regarding the burst speed.

The Sony IMX410 sensor of Sony A7 lll offers 19.2 FPS at 14-bit depth. And its actual burst speed is around 10 FPS which is almost half the sensor readout rate. Keeping this in mind, the Sony IMX 554  sensor of A7 lV that offers 36.6 FPS at 14-bit depth will offer 18 FPS burst speed.

This figure is just a wild guess, therefore we recommend you to take it as a grain of salt.

Sony A7 lV: Is It Worth Waiting?

If all the leaks that are coming out are true, then A7 lV is definitely a worth waiting option. It is most likely to offer the video abilities of the Canon EOS R6. And it will be a good option, considering the pricing of the product.

Yes, there are few areas, the Sony A7 lV could have done better( if the rumour is true ). Further, it will be a great option for all those people who are just interested in video capture. Moreover, we will update this article as soon as any new update comes regarding the Sony A7 lV.

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