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Russia to lose its Cloud Cover: Amazon, Google, Microsoft Boycotts Russia

It’s no surprise that another set of companies just suspended certain services in Russia. The war between Russia and Ukraine is continuing and companies are also continuing to suspend services in Russia. It is becoming a cycle and this cycle is well problematic for Russian people.

Tech companies like Adobe, Apple and PayPal have already joined the suspension league and have suspended their services in Russia but aside from tech companies even Coca Cola, McDonald’s and Visa have stopped their services in Russia.

Now it seems Russia is losing its cloud cover. The top cloud infrastructure providers of the world namely, IBM, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Cloudflare have all talked about their positions when it concerns providing cloud services in Russia.

Let us have a look at each cloud service provider’s individual response to the situation in Ukraine.


On March 4 in a blog-post Amazon, Web Services has told that AWS has no data centres in Russia and as a matter of policy, the company does not do business with the Russian Government. However, AWS did say that it had Russian customers but they were headquartered elsewhere. In a recent update, AWS has stopped new signups from Russia and Belarus.


Microsoft also followed suit and took the action of suspending sales in Russia and this applies to new sign-ups. The suspension of sales includes the Azure services that are offered by Microsoft. Microsoft informed about this in its blog and this is supposed to cause a major setback in Russia.


“We are announcing today that we will suspend all new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia,” Brad Smith Microsoft president



Google has also followed in the footsteps of Amazon and Microsoft. Google announced that it will not be accepting new users for Google cloud. Google cloud is the last of the 3 top cloud infrastructure companies and Google is also one of the most popular ones for non-enterprise users.


IBM has also followed the same position as most cloud companies and has decided to suspend all business in Russia. IBM CEO wrote a post on the company blog to inform the world of this decision and also conveyed his concerns regarding the people in Ukraine and their wellbeing.

“I’ve heard from many of you in response to last week’s announcement regarding the war in Ukraine, and I appreciate your feedback. First, let me be very clear — we have suspended all business in Russia,” – IBM CEO Arvind Krishna



Cloudflare is a company that is not a mainstay cloud services provider but rather an internet security and services provider. The main task of Cloudflare is to provide secure reliable internet to many countries in the world including Russia and Ukraine. Cloudflare uses multiple data centres across the world to provide secure internet services.

Cloudflare had asked its experts to give a report on what the next move for Cloudflare should be given the suspension of services by so many companies. Cloudflare based on the inputs received from experts told that during such a time it was important that the Russian people have good internet services so that they can know what is happening.

“Beyond this, we have received several calls to terminate all of Cloudflare’s services inside Russia. We have carefully considered these requests and discussed them with government and civil society experts. Our conclusion, in consultation with those experts, is that Russia needs more Internet access, not less,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Russia May Not Be Affected by This

A report was recently published by IDC which found that the Russian market combined with the Ukrainian market contributed a meagre 1% in the global spending on Internet services. Hence the world, as well as the Russian market, will remain unharmed due to these suspensions.

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