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Pokémon Unite Mobile Pre-Registration Process and Rewards

Pokemon Unite is coming on your mobile device! No, I know it’s unbelievable but will you believe me if I say, the preregistration is in place? 

Start with pre-registrations and be ready to receive the perks. So, if you already are a preregister of Pokemon Unite, then be ready to witness the new style, and to know more about it, you have to keep scrolling.

The game hits your mobile device on September 22nd. Also, if you pre-register, you receive incentives and they include a Pokemon Unite License and Pikachu Holowear – Festival Style.

Pokemon, in its new video, has presented Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and Pokemon Shining Pearl.

Watch the video below if you haven’t yet.

The game was already available on Nintendo Switch back in July 2021. However, it’s high time that the game expands its base and with the pre-registration in place, fans are looking forward to it.

One point to note here about the incentives or bonus is how it will largely depend on the players that sign up for the game on the mobile device before it sees a release date.

To claim your bonus through pre-registration and to figure out the mechanism and whether or not the game is ready for use on iOS and Android, here is what you need to do. Follow as you go.

Pokémon Unite Mobile Pre-Registration

Here is an official Twitter announcement that speaks about the Awards.

To ensure your pre-registration for Unite, you just need to follow the simple steps to get started.

Go to the Play Store page of Pokemon Unite, and in there, you should see ”pre-register” instead of download. Click to register yourself for Pokemon Unite. Yes, that’s all the effort you had to put in.

Also, once you hit the button, you will have a window asking to ”install when available”. The process is more or less similar if you wish to pre-register on your iOS device.

How to get Pikachu Festival Skin?

Well, as said, you need to start with pre-registration. That is the only way to receive the incentives from the game.

Also, as it has come by, the Pikachu Festival Skin will be free for a certain number of registers. Details below.

  • 1000 Aeos Tickets if Pokemon Unite makes it to 1 million pre-registrants
  • Pikachu’s Unite License if Pokemon Unite makes it to 2.5 million pre-registrants
  • Festival Style Pikachu if Pokemon Unite makes it to 5 million pre-registrants

Well, there you go! C’mon now, all you gotta do is pre-register.

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