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Oppo Ready To Up The Charging Game To 150W

SuperVOOC charging has been around for a long time and it seemed like the time to push the limit once more to create another big buzz in the world.

Oppo recently has announced that it will be making the SuperVOOC standard reach new heights by Introducing 150W charging technology in its upcoming devices. This announcement comes at a tactical time as Oppo’s sub-brand Realme is going to launch their new GT Neo 3 series.

SuperVOOC charging 150W Is Launching With GT NEO 3

The GT Neo 3 is the new device coming from Oppo’s subsidiary brand Realme. Realme is going to be the first brand from BBK to use Oppo’s SuperVOOC 150W charging but Realme will be renaming the charging standard for their brand as 150W UltraDart charging. The charging technology will be similarly rebranded for OnePlus too.


The new phone is expected to launch globally in the second quarter of 2022 and will be the start of a new era in the world of charging.

OnePlus Will Also Get SuperVOOC charging

OnePlus will be getting the SuperVOOC charging too on their devices just like Realme. The recently released OnePlus 10 Pro already supports 150W SuperVOOC charging but it will be enabled in an update that will be coming to OnePlus 10 Pro devices very soon. Moreover, OnePlus’s upcoming devices will all come with SuperVOOC charging as standard.

How Does SuperVOOC Charging work?

SuperVOOC charging is Oppo’s proprietary charging technology but is actually used by Oppo’s subsidiary brands that are, OnePlus and Realme. The charging technology works by splitting one battery pack into two battery packs.

UltraDart Charging = SuperVOOC 150W charging

The splitting of battery packs does it, allows for chargers to charge the small battery packs at 60 or 75W each simultaneously which results in decreased total charging speed. It also allows for the heat to be properly handled which increases the battery longevity.

The onus of handling the charge being provided to the batteries is on both the battery circuit and the charger. In a SuperVOOC standard device, the battery pack is attached to a smart controller. This controller ensures that the charge being provided is in accordance with the thermal management rules set by the company.

The smart controller communicates with the controller module in the charger and sends the battery health details to the controller in the charger. The controller in the charger then modifies the wattage based on battery temperature, charge status and user settings ( Smart Charging settings).

Concerns Related To SuperVOOC 150W Charging

The charging standard boasts of 0-50% battery charge in just 5 minutes flat which is really really fast but fast is not always the best way to go as fast charging has a lot of demerits too.

Fast charging produces a lot of heat and that requires companies to put extra ICs in order to ensure thermal management of the phone is intact. Moreover, thermal management has a huge impact on the device’s performance as heat causes the CPU to throttle reducing the performance.

Thermal issues if uncontrolled can also result in explosions as seen in the case of OnePlus Nord 2 where the batteries apparently exploded while charging and this has been a cause of concern for a lot of tech enthusiasts.

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