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Now You Can Delete Last 15 Minutes of Your Search History on Google

Privacy is an important factor for a lot of people in this world and deleting search history is one of the biggest ways through which people maintain their privacy and google wants to promote that even more.

So, when you talk about deleting history the issue that comes is that most of the items people want to delete are in their fairly recent search history and not the entire history for the last 24 hours. Google has understood this need and has brought in this feature.

How To Access The 15 Min Search History Delete Feature?

Now the feature is available but one must know how to access this awesome feature. The feature is obviously hidden behind a menu or two and we are going to tell you the simple way to access this feature.

Steps to Delete Last 15 Minutes of History

  • Open the Google app
  • Tap on your profile
  • In the popup menu, you will see a delete last 15 min search history option.
  • Once you select the option last 15 mins of history will be deleted.

The Other Options Available

Google was already offering an option to delete the entire search history but there are more options than the entire search history deletions. A user sometimes wants to delete search history for a particular time period.

Google offers options to delete the last 3 months of history, the last 18 months of history, and the last 36 months of history. These options are very useful but aren’t as convenient as one would like them to be.

Google also allows users to also manually select the search history items and delete them individually, this will allow users to delete certain items only but it seems even then the quick and easy 15 min option is the most viable.

iPhone Users Got This Before Android

Usually, when we talk about Google dolling out features it’s the Android phones that get those features first but this time around it was iPhones that got in on this bandwagon first. The iPhone users can delete their recent search history since last year.

Google had announced this at their 2021 I/O event and had introduced the feature on the Google app on iOS. A lot of iOS users use the Google app and they are pretty happy that Google has been providing faster updates on iOS devices.

One doesn’t expect Google to provide iOS devices faster updates but then one must remember most of the premium and business users have an Apple device and that is why Google has been keeping the iOS app up to date.

PC Users Will Have to Wait

Google has introduced this feature on Android and iOS but it is yet to introduce the same when it comes to Google search on browser Google has assured that the feature will be coming soon too.

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