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Next Apple Event ‘Peek Performance’ is on March 8

Apple would be one of the only few companies that get a buzz going for just the invitations to their events and that just shows the supremacy that Apple has in the tech community.

It was long rumoured that Apple would be hosting an event in March that would showcase a lot of cool stuff but after the Russian-Ukraine war, it was unclear if Apple would actually go through with the event or they would push it back in view of what people are going through.

Well, Apple has made it clear that the event is happening and that people should get excited as this year Apple may have a lot of hardware announcements to keep everyone happy.

The Apple Invitation

The invitation came from Apple yesterday inviting everyone to watch the Apple event online which will be streamed from Apple Park. Anyone willing can watch the event through Apple’s website. The event will stream On March 8 at 10 AM PST.

The invitation features an Apple logo that looks like the entrance of a neon tunnel and the tweet says Peek performance and so does the invite. So we know something big is coming and Apple will have tons of stuff to actually showcase here.

You can also expect the like button on Twitter to change to a neon apple logo when you use the hashtag ” #AppleEvent ” as is always the tradition.

People Are Not Very Happy

People aren’t all too excited for the upcoming Apple event as a lot of people feel that it is inhuman to do this event while so many people are suffering in Ukraine. Apple should have considered this when inviting people to the event but as usual, Twitter stands divided on this front.

You can see the reactions of users from the tweets below that people are really divided on whether or not this event is something that makes Apple inhuman or ignorant of the current situation.

Major Expected Announcements

Apple is expected to announce some really cool things at this event and there are a lot of rumours and leaks telling us what’s coming! Apple will be yet again expanding its range of products this year and may also introduce some new products too.

1. iPhone SE 3

The iPhone SE lineup is a surprisingly successful Apple lineup. The reason it’s so surprising is that the SE devices come with a really old design with a new chip and a fairly low ( according to Apple standards ) price tag. This time it was expected that the Apple iPhone SE 3 will come with an updated design but Apple has chosen to stick with the old design.

iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 lineup is expected to be a major update to iPhones in years. It is expected that Apple will raise the refresh rate for all variants to 120hz. The design is also expected to change to a punch-hole display as far as the screen is concerned. There will also be a new chip that will be announced for the iPhones.

M2 Chip

Apple is also expected to showcase their new M2 silicon as the invites were sent on March 2, though take this with a pinch of salt as this may just be excited tech enthusiasts reaching conclusions.

This silicon is expected to take Apple to the next level as far as computing power goes. The M1 chips were a huge hit with people and people cannot wait to get their hands on this new chip too.



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