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iPad 6 Mini Users Facing Jelly Scrolling Problems

The iPad Mini 6 launched this week alongside with Apple 13 Series and Apple Watch Series 7. Thanks to its revamped design and latest A15 processor, the new Apple tablet grabbed applauds even from critics. However, it was until today, when customers started to receive their ordered iPad Mini 6, and while using it, most of them faced a similar issue again and again.

Being referred to as “jelly scrolling”, it feels like 50% of the iPad Mini 6 display is refreshing at a slower rate than the rest 50%. This issue is creating a wobble effect whenever the user is trying to scroll through a document, for example, a web page. To be specific, this issue is making users feel like that their iPad Mini is high on weed.

What Is the “Jelly Scrolling” Display Refresh Issue?

A user who contacted 9TO5Mac in regards to this issue said that when he went to the Apple Store for replacing his iPad Mini 6, he found out that all of the demo units are facing this similar “jelly scrolling” issue.

While using the iPad Mini in portrait mode (camera at the top), it seems like the right side of the display is refreshing faster compared to the left side. And while using it in upside-down mode, the left side is refreshing faster than the right side. Interestingly, it’s very hard to catch lag in iPad Mini while using it in landscape mode.

The Verge reporter Dieter Bohn reported this problem too in his iPad Mini, and he shared a recording of this problem on his Twitter handle.

It is visible that one side of his iPad Mini is refreshing faster whereas, the other side is struggling to reach the same rate.

What’s Causing the Issue?

It is still unclear what’s the actual reason behind this problem. Whether it’s the fault of the LCD panel, the display controller, or it has something to do with the firmware/software.

In the iPad Mini 6, developers have gone with mounting display controllers on the sides, instead of regular top or bottom mounting. Thus, chances are high that the display signals are reaching the first half of the display faster than the other.

Apple has already set very high standards when it comes to the displays of its product. Their quality is top-notch and incomparable. And most importantly, this problem has never been reported in any of the iPads earlier. The iPad Pro features a 120 Hz refresh rate, and even if it also faces the same issue, it will be very hard for individuals to catch it because of its high refresh rate.

Now it’s totally on users, whether they will continue to go with the iPad Mini 6 even after this jelly scrolling issue. Some people mind finding it more troubling than others. Some can get used to it after using the device for a certain amount of time. Whereas, some can face headaches or nausea. But according to us, why compromise with something when you are spending $499 from your pocket.

So, this was all about the jelly scrolling issue of the iPad. For more such interesting tech and gaming news, keep visiting TheTealMango.

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