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iOS 15: Release Date, Features, and Compatible Devices

We finally have an official release date of the iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 – September 20. During yesterday’s California Streaming, Tim did talk about the upcoming software update, but forget to mention a particular release date (don’t know whether it was planned or was just a slip of mind). But later, the firm took on his website to announce that all the compatible devices will be getting the latest iOS version on September 20.

The announcement regarding the iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 was made back in June, and since then developers have been testing the beta version of the upcoming software. So, now that we are just days away from the launch of the latest software, let’s check out some of its exclusive features and devices that will be compatible with it.

iOS 15: Features

The upcoming iOS 15 software update will have lots of updates over the current iOS 14. So, let’s check all the upcoming features one by one.

1. FaceTime

After the iOS 15 update, the way you use FaceTime is completely going to change. In the upcoming software update, we will have 3D audio effects for all the incoming calls. The addition of a new microphone will separate your voice from the background noise. This feature will make sure that the person on the call get’s your words clearly.

The latest software update will also bring portrait mode and a completely redesigned grid view for group calls. Among all the new addition, the one that is being appreciated by every smartphone user is the availability of calling Android and Windows devices through FaceTime.

2. New Focus Mode

The upcoming software update for the Apple devices is coming along with a new focus feature. This feature will reduce distractions from your iOS device. In a nutshell, with focus mode enabled, your iOS device will only so you only those notifications and apps to whom you have given permission.

You can create your own custom profile where you can choose which app and notification to allow when you are in the focus mode. Further, with focus mode enabled, the status of the messaging app will automatically be changed to, “currently not reachable” so that no one tries to distract you.

3. Revamped Notification

The upcoming IOS 15 update is going to completely revamp the notification panel. It will add photos, and app icons will have a larger font. You can even prioritize your notifications, and the notifications that have been prioritized at the last will be delivered to you once in the evening and morning.

4. Live Text

The introduction of the live text feature will help you to recognize text written or printed in a photo and do some actions according to your choice. This feature will help you to directly capture of phone number printed on paper and make a call.

The update is also coming along with a Visual Lookup feature which is very much similar to Google lens. Through this feature, you can capture photographs of plants, arts, buildings, and get information related to it.

5. Photos App

After the iOS 15 update, the Memories section in the Photos app will have a completely revamped design. Now you will be able to add music to your Memories from the Apple Music library.

6. Privacy

With the upcoming software update, Apple is going to improve its privacy features. Now whatever command you will give to Siri, will be processed and remain in your device itself. The person who has sent you mail won’t be able to check whether you have opened and read the mail or not.

The iOS 15 update will also allow you to check how the apps are using the permissions that you have granted to them for the last 7 days.


One of the most popular browsers of the iPhone, Safari is also getting a completely revamped look. From now on, it will be easier to switch between tabs. And with the upcoming update, you will be given access to customize the start page as per your desire.

Other Features

Now with the latest IOS 15 software update, you will be able to unlock and start your cars without even taking out your iPhone from your pocket using the digital car keys. These features will also work for your home lock office and even the hotel rooms. Some other features of the IOS 15 are, new Apple Maps, revamped weather and notes application iCloud +, and much more.

iOS 15: Compatible Devices

Now that you check all the upcoming features of the iOS 15, let’s go through all the devices that will be receiving the upcoming software update. So, the Apple devices that are compatible with IOS 15 are, the upcoming iPhone 13 series, iPhone 12 series, iPhone 11 series, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE first-generation, iPhone 6s second generation, and iPod Touch 7th generation.

The iOS15 software update will start rolling out from 20th September on all the compatible devices.

So, this was all about the iOS 15 release date, features, and compatible devices. For more such interesting tech news, keep visiting TheTealMango.

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