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Instagram Testing Image/Video Upload from Desktop App

Instagram is finally thinking of introducing a feature that will allow its users to post pictures and videos from their computers or laptop, after 11 years since its launch.

Talking about this feature to SMT, Facebook spokeswoman Christian Pai said,” We know that many people access Instagram from their computers. To improve that experience, we are now testing the ability to create a feed post on Instagram with their desktop Browser”. The development team has been working on this feature for the last few months. And now they are launching this feature by making it available for few desktop Instagram users.

What This Instagram feature Is All About?

Matt Navarra, well known social media expert recently tweeted about this feature by sharing a photograph. The photograph clearly shows that some desktop Instagram users, including Matt Navarra, are getting the “+” icon in the top bar of instagram.com. And by clicking on this “+” icon users are able to upload images or videos directly from their computer or laptop.

Once you have selected the media file that you want to upload, the after process is very much similar to that you get in the regular Instagram app. You get the same editing tools image formatting tools and different kinds of filters. And once you are done with all the editing and using the tools stuff, you can click on upload to directly upload from the website, introducing to you a completely new way to manage Instagram posts.

Can You Upload Reels And Stories Via This Feature?

As of now, this feature is only limited to the upload of photographs and videos. Whereas, according to different reports, some people are also able to perform IGTV uploads from their accounts using this feature. There isn’t any option to upload stories, or reels using this feature, as of now.

Introducing the option of directly uploading from the desktop is a great step taken towards the advancement of social media. This feature is going to streamline the workflow of different social media influencers, as it will become easy for them to directly upload their content from the desktop. But note that, this feature is only available for few people, as of now.

According to Instagram officials, they are performing this test to gather user information regarding the usefulness of this feature. And once they are clear that the public is liking this feature, they will make it available for all.

Aren’t We Able To Upload Via Facebook Creator Studio App!!

Yes, you are right the feature of uploading Instagram feed and IGTV post via desktop is available since 2019, using Facebook’s Creator Studio App. But unfortunately, this feature is only limited to all business accounts. Additionally, in the Facebook creator studio app, you also don’t get all the editing features that the regular Instagram App provides while uploading any media file.

Instagram has been working hard to enhance the user experience of desktop users. Last year also, they introduced the feature of watching live streams from the desktop app available on the Windows Store. Other than this, they have also enhanced the story viewing experience on PC.

So, that was all known about the news, as of now. We will immediately update this post as soon as a new update comes out regarding this matter.

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