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Instagram is Finally Bringing Back the Chronological Feed

Instagram has brought in some major changes in the way your Instagram feed works and it is going to be great again.

Instagram finally addressed one of the people’s biggest problems with the platform, the feed. Instagram originally offered chronological feed when using Instagram but post 2016, Instagram changed how a user’s feed works, and Instagram went ahead with their own algorithm for the same.

People were not happy with the change as most of them felt it was uncalled for and would make the app too competitive and less likable and that is exactly what happened. The app has been under scrutiny for a long time now and finally has taken corrective measures.

What Are the New Changes?

There are 3 major changes coming to your Instagram feed. The first is you now have a choice between following and favorites feed. The favorites feed is a feed of the people who you have selected as favorites. If you select this feed, you will only see posts from your favorite accounts.

If you select the following feed, you will see recent posts from all the accounts that you have been following. In this option, there will be no classification of favorites first and the posts will be strictly in chronological order.

The biggest change is the switch from an algorithm-based feed to a chronological feed. This is supposed to make the platform less toxic and competitive which will reduce the problems that teens on the platform have been facing.

Chronological Feed Is Not the Default Feed

As much as having a chronological feed is a win for a lot of people it isn’t the default feed yet. As per the new changes, there is an option to make the feed either the favorites feed or the following feed but both these feeds cannot be set as default.

Every time a user opens Instagram again, he or she will have to select their feed manually as the default feed is still the algorithmic feed and a lot of people will not like that but it still is a step in the right direction.

Effects Of This Change

Meta got in some serious trouble when an internal memo talking about the harmful effects of Instagram on teens was leaked to the world and this made Meta rethink some of its choices, especially with platforms like Instagram.

Instagram was becoming more and more competitive day by day and this caused a lot of people to feel very irritated and even caused body image issues in teenagers. This is why these policy changes have been made as far as the feed is concerned but a change in the feed is not enough to change how competitive and toxic the social media platforms are becoming.

Hopefully, this will change at least some things and make the platform better for a lot of people.

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