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Huawei MatePad Paper a Strong Competitor for Amazon’s Kindle

Kindle from Amazon has been the champion of E-Readers for a very long time but Huawei thought that it was time to challenge the champion and take away the throne.

Huawei is a new entrant to the E-Readers market and yet somehow the list of features seems to be so interesting and fresh that Kindle may lose this battle to MatePad Paper. The MatePad Paper has just been announced and no actual release date or pricing has been told.

MatePad Paper’s Striking Features

The MatePad Paper is a 10.3inch device with an e-ink display and Huawei’s Harmony OS. The MatePad paper is one of the most versatile e-readers you can get as this is a fully functioning e-ink tablet and not just a reader.

The MatePad paper comes with a stylus that allows you to write on the MatePad just like you would on a normal notebook and it’s really satisfying. Moreover, the MatePad allows you to play videos too although it is not a good experience, obviously.

The MatePad also allows you to sideload apps which is a big plus point as it will allow you to expand the already available features and content all the while the pad resembling a Kindle which in my opinion is very cool!

MatePad Paper’s Hardware Specifications

The MatePad paper comes with 4GB of Ram and 64GB of storage. There is a mic present for audio recording and a speaker is available too.

The screen has 32 levels of brightness which means that the display can get plenty bright in any scenario and at the same time the MatePad paper offers 4 weeks of standby battery time.

MatePad Runs On Harmony OS

Huawei has been pushing its Harmony OS pretty hard as even this e-reader runs on the Harmony OS. Since Huawei cannot use google services it has introduced Huawei books that will allow users to download books in pdf and other formats.

Huawei also has its own app store called the app gallery but here you will feel the lack of Google services and it may bother you. Also, since there are no Google services seamlessly transferring your library is a pain.

How the MatePad Paper Compares to Kindle

When comparing the MatePad to the costliest Kindle, the Kindle Oasis is available for $289. The Kindle falls on its face. Kindle is as typical as an e-reader can get with its really restrictive ecosystem and minimal abilities when compared to the MatePad Paper.

The UI is very laggy and the storage is way too limited. Moreover, the screen is not as useful as the one on the MatePad Paper. The only saving grace for the Kindle is the fact that you can easily get books on the Kindle store for cheap and that it’s waterproof.

Since we do not know the cost of the MatePad paper it will not be correct to comment on the value of the device but just on the specifications of the devices and the general features, it is safe to say that the MatePad Paper will absolutely annihilate the Kindle.

It will be interesting to see a new and feature-packed entry in the e-reader department as this is a category that is yearning for innovation.

This comparison will be more accurate once the price comes, so do visit us often to get timely tech updates including this one!



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