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How To Upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10?

After a lot of speculation and rumors regarding the availability of Windows 11, it was finally launched on 24th June. Windows 11 is the successor of the most popular, Windows 10 operating system. In layman’s terms, Windows 11 is all about visual changes. So, if you have been looking for ways on how to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11, then you have clicked on the right article.

In this post, I will guide you on how you can easily upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10. Additionally, we will also look at what new is in Windows 11, and what are the minimum requirements for installing it on your system.

What’s New In Windows 11?

As mentioned above, Windows 11 is a revamped version of Windows 10 with a lot of visual changes. Now theirs a new allocation of the Windows start menu, along with a new startup sound. Windows 11 is also considered the best operating system for multitasking and PC gaming, as per many tech experts. The latest Windows operating system comes with an updated Microsoft Store, through which you can access new Android apps.

On the visual side, Windows 11 comes with various new wallpapers, animation effects, and sound effects, to provide a completely new Windows experience. Interface wise, Windows 11 looks like a combination of Apple Mac OS and Google’s Chrome OS, with some flavor of Microsoft’s own UI. Now, in the newer Windows, users will also not get access to Cortana and Skype, which comes preinstalled in Windows 10.

The best part about the Windows 11 is that it will support Android apps. Yes, now users can download various Android apps from Amazon Appstore which will be linked with the Microsoft store.

Requirements For Windows 11

It was made clear by the developers of Microsoft on the launching event of Windows 11, that if your system is lacking behind in any of the aspects of the requirements of Windows 11, then there’s no way you can install and run the new Windows operating system on your computer. Nevertheless, let’s look at all the minimum requirements for Windows 11 to run on your system.

  • Processor: Minimum 2 core processor, and clock speed above 1GHz
  • RAM: Your computer must have a minimum of 4GB RAM and at least 64 GB free storage.
  • System Firmware: UEFI, and Secure Boot compatible.
  • TPM: minimum of TPM 2.0
  • Graphics Card: Installed Graphics card should be compatible with DirectX 12 or its later versions with WDDM 2.0 driver.
  • Display: At least 1280×720p resolution screen.
  • Internet Connection: Microsoft account and internet connectivity is required for setup for windows 11 home.

As per the reports coming out, most of the users are not able to install Windows 11 on their computer, all because of the minimum TPM requirement. Even a very higher-end computer, with all the latest specs, is facing difficulty in installing Windows 11 because of the TPM aspect. For checking the TPM version installed on your computer, type and enter “tpm. msc” in the run dialogue box.

How To Upgrade to Windows 11 for Free?

If currently you are using Windows 10, and want to get upgraded to Windows 11, then there’s a straightforward process that you need to follow. The best part is, nothing is going to happen with your files and apps, and your Windows license will remain intact. In the future, if your mind changes, and you want to degrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10, then you can do that too. So, just follow the below-mentioned steps to find out how to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11?

Step 1: First off, all the Windows 10 users need to join the Windows insider program. You can join it, by clicking this link and registering yourself. To make progress, you must be having a Microsoft account, you can create one if you already don’t have it.

Step 2: Once you have created your Microsoft account and done with the registration process, it’s time to link the Microsoft account to your Windows 10 PC. Basically, you will now have to switch to an online Windows 10 account. For switching to an online account, go to your computer settings, then Account. Now click on, “Sign with a Microsoft account instead“. In my case, it’s displaying “Stop signing in to all Microsoft apps automatically” as I am already signed in to my Microsoft account online.

Step 3: Now enter your Microsoft account credential that you used for registration in the Windows Insiders Program.

Step 4: After the sign-in process is complete, go to “Update and Security” from your Windows settings, and after that click on “Windows insider program”.  Now, you will have to click on get started.

Step 5: Select your Microsoft Account, and after that click on “Dev Channel”. Keep in mind, the product that you’re going to get from the Dev channel might contain a lot of bugs.

Step 6: Head towards “Windows Update” from Windows settings, and click on “Check for updates”.

Step 7: Depending on your internet connection, it will take some time for you to receive Windows 11 insider preview build 22000.51 updates on your Windows 10 PC. Once received, click on download to start downloading the update.

Again depending on your internet connection, the update might take 1-2 hours to completely get downloaded on your system. While installing Windows 11, your system will restart several times, and it’s completely normal. After the installation, your system will boot up with a new Windows 11, new start menu, new booting sound, eye-catchy wallpaper, and completely changed system UI. Most importantly, all your files and apps are still saved in their respective locations, you can check out them.

Final Words

In the visual aspect, Windows 11 is far better than other operating systems. But it’s quite early to judge its overall performance, and compare it with other operating systems. I hope, by now you will be enjoying Windows 11 on your system. But in case, if you face any error in the installation process, feel free to comment it down. I will be very glad in assisting you.

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