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How To Take Screenshot On Mac?

Let’s be frank with each other, many Mac users have been using Mac for a long time, but still don’t know how to take screenshots on Mac, and there’s no shame in accepting it. Same as Windows, it’s just a matter of pressing some keys simultaneously, to take screenshots on Mac.

So, if you were in search of, how to take a screenshot on Mac, then this post contains everything that you are looking for. In this post, we will tell you how you can easily take screenshots on your Mac. We will list all the methods that will help you to take screenshots on your Mac.

Use Of Taking Screenshot

Screenshots are the simplest but at the same time most essential product for various work fields. Basically, the screenshot is an image of everything that your screen is currently showing. People generally take screenshots to make PowerPoint presentations, remember important information, or save something to view them in the future.

Taking a screenshot on an Android smartphone is a cakewalk, and even a kid knows how it’s done. But taking a screenshot on Mac is something that even a tech guy with years of experience, won’t be knowing. That’s why we are here with this post, to teach you how you can easily take screenshots on your Mac. Just follow the steps mentioned in this post, and we can guarantee that you will be knowing how to take screenshots on Mac by the end of this article.

Method 1: Take a Screenshot Of The Complete Screen

So, if you want to take the screenshot of the entire screen and save it on your desktop, all you need to do is hold the Command + Shift + 3 shortcut key on your keyboard. To make sure that the screenshot is taken, you can turn on your device volume. Once your device volume is up, you will hear your camera shutter sound at the time of Screenshot taking keys. You will find this taken screenshot on your Mac desktop, with the name “Screenshot xx-xx-xx xx” here, “X” stands for the date and time on which you have taken the screenshot. You can rename the file as per your choice.

Method 2: Take Screenshot Of Particular Part Of Screen

It might be a case sometimes, that you only want to take a screenshot of a particular part of the screen. So, in such a case you can press and hold the Command + Shift + 4 key. This shortcut key will open a cross-air cursor, now select the part of which you want to take the screenshot. To take the screenshot of the highlighted part, just release your mouse. As soon as you release the mouse, you will hear a camera shutter, indicating that the screenshot has been taken.

Method 3: Save Entire Screen Screenshot On Clipboard

While you are making a PowerPoint presentation or any other project-related work, there could be a need of saving the screenshot in the clipboard and later paste it into the presentation. You might be wondering how to save a screenshot in the clipboard? Just follow the steps mentioned here.

First off, press and hold the Command + Shift + 3 key from your keyboard. Once you press the shortcut key of taking the screenshot, you will immediately hear the camera capture sound indicating that the screenshots have been taken successfully. Now just go to the place where you want to insert the screenshot, for example, your PowerPoint presentation. On the point of insertion, just press the Command + V shortcut key.

Method 4: Save Particular Part Of Screen On Clipboard

Same as method 2, you can save a particular part of your screen as a screenshot on the clipboard. Here’s how it’s done, press and hold the Command + Control + Shift + 4 key on your keyboard. Now again a cross-air cursor will appear, just select the part of which you want to take the screenshot, once selected release your mouse.

Now just visit the destination where you want to paste the copied screenshot, and on the place of insertion just press the Command + V key to insert the copied screenshot.

Method 5: Take Screenshot Using Mac Touch Bar

If you have a newer version of the MacBook, you don’t need to get involved in any of the above-mentioned methods. As the newer version of the MacBook comes along with a Touch Bar that has the screenshot option. You can use this screenshot option to take the screenshot of the entire screen, or you can even take a screenshot of a particular part of your MacBook screen.

Method 6: Take Screenshot Using Third-Party Apps

There is plenty of third party application present in the market using which you can take a screenshot on your Mac. If you ask for our recommendation, we will recommend you to go with Cleanshot or Capto. Both these applications are incredible when it comes to taking a screenshot on Mac, other than this, they also offer features like capturing video of the screen, blurring desktop icons, taking high-quality screenshots. These apps are only recommended to individuals who are experts in computers.

Final Words

So, that is all for this article. We are pretty sure, that you now know how to take screenshots on Mac. You can also edit your screenshot using third-party applications like Capto and Cleanshot. However, these applications are only recommended to tech experts. If you are a normal Mac user, just go with the shortcut keys mentioned in this post. For any queries, doubts, and suggestions regarding this post, feel free to use the comment section.

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