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Geoguessr Game: What Makes it so Addictive?

If you are an active user of TikTok and Instagram, then you must have heard of the Geoguessr game. Geoguessr is more of a Carmen Sandiego travel game, that we all have grown up playing. In simple words, the game drops the players in some random location anywhere in the world, and it’s the task of players to find out their exact location using the clues present in their locality. Users can walk around the area where they have been dropped by Geoguessr.

Nevertheless, if you are looking to learn more about Geoguessr, what are its different modes, how to play them, and why the game is becoming so popular recently, then this article is something that is going to answer all your questions. In this post, we have tried to cover all the topics related to Geoguessr, that your mind can think of.

What Is Geoguessr?

Designed by Swedish IT consultant, Anton Wallen, Geoguessr is a web-based geographic discovery game that came into existence on 9th May 2013. The concept of the game is very simple, you will be dropped at any random location anywhere in the world, and you will have to guess what place it is, using various clues located near your locality. From the time of its release only, the platform had started to gain thousands of visitors per day.

Initially, the game was free for all users to play, but with the recent updates, the game has become a premium platform, i.e. the game has two faces, paid and unpaid. The unpaid users are limited to very minimal features of the game, and they can only play one game per day. On the other hand, paid users are given the option of unlimited games, creating their custom rooms, and more exclusive options.

One can play Geoguessr on Android, iOS, or even by visiting its official website.

How To Play Geoguessr?

Google Street View is a major aspect of this game, as a gamer, it gives the feeling of actually being present at that random location. Gamers will be dropped at certain roads or some other parts that have been photographed by Google Street view cameras. For paying members, the random locations are mainly from the part of Asia and Africa.

Gamers get things like road signs, vegetation, businesses, climates, and landmark as a clue to find out the exact location where they are in. They also provide the option of moving freely on the road using the directional control of Street View. Once the gamer is all set to guess the random location where he is in, the game will place a location marker on the map, gamer can zoom in and zoom out on the map as per his convenience. After the gamer makes his guess of the place, the game unleashes the exact geographical location and gives a point to the gamer according to his performance. The point can range between 0 – 5000.

If a gamer is getting 0 points, then it means that he has guessed an Antipode, whereas, if the gamer is able to score 5000 points, then it means that his guess was within 150 meters of the exact geographic location of that place.

Being a paying user, one can create their own map in the game and can even play on other users’ maps. This feature not only enhances the in-game experience of different members but also increases the competitive nature of the game.

With the recent update, non-paying users are only allowed to play 1 game per day. If they still want to continue playing the game for unlimited time, they can try out Mapillary.

Different Game Modes Of Geoguessr

Geoguessr offers various game modes for both its paying and nonpaying users. Let’s take a brief look at both of them.

Battle Royal

The battle royale mode of Geoguessr is similar to that of other online games. You will have to compete against other random players, you can even create a room if you want to challenge your friends into the game. The concept of this mode is very simple, guess the right location of where you are before the timer hits 0, or before you run out of your life. The last Man standing In this mode will be declared as the winner.

Daily Challenge

There isn’t any specific challenge in this mode. Everyday the game throws a new challenge at the gamers, and gamers have to complete the challenge in order to earn special rewards in the game.

Country Streak

Country Streak is among the most popular mode of Geoguessr. You can play this mode as a single player or can even challenge your friends for a match. In this mode, players have to keep guessing the country named in a row. And the player with the highest score wins the match.

Explorer Modes

Here, players have the option of choosing a random country from the map provided to them by the game. After that, players will have to recognize different locations of that selected country in order to earn medals. Players with the highest points will earn the gold medal.

Why Geoguessr Is So Popular?

You might be wondering what’s the reason Geoguessr is becoming so popular nowadays among people of all age groups? The first reason is the addictive nature of the game. Most importantly, it is an educational game, that’s why even parents support their children to play this game. It helps children to gain more knowledge about different parts of the countries.

People who want to travel the world by sitting on their computer chair can surely play Geoguessr for hours. This game will help in learning about the cultures of different countries by sitting on the computer chair.

Final Words

So, this was all about Geoguessr, how does it work, and what’s the reason behind its popularity. Go play Geoguessr, if you want to explore more countries and want to learn more knowledge about their culture. Moreover, if you have any doubts or suggestions regarding the post, let us know in the comment section.

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