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Fortnite Imposter Mode is LIVE; Are you ‘Team Agents’ or ‘Team Imposter’?

Screaming on top of my voice so you hear – Fortnite now has imposter mode which is LIVE!

In the newly introduced mode, you will see a group of a maximum of 10 players who will need to take care of their tasks and also, try to find out the imposter amongst them.

That’s plain Among Us.

The mode is out today and Epic Games have provided all the details for the players on their official website.

In the gaming mode where 10 players will be participating, 8 of them will be hard-working Agents. The remaining two from the lot will count as imposters.

Everything about the Among-Us Mode!

If you are familiar with Among Us, then maybe a little detail about the Imposter.

  • Number 1 – Agents have to complete all their assignments.
  • Number 2 – Agents discard all the Imposters by taking them out
  • Number 3 – The Agent that stands last is out. He is taken out either through voting or the Imposter kills it. Heehaa we know what a bloodbath that is.

The game is going to be super fun and delightful and the idea of having it in Fortnite, couldn’t just go well.

What’s more?

Let’s stroll!

Fortnite Imposter Mode – Playing as an ‘Agent’

Agents, in particular, have just one job to take care of, ”The Bridge” in the game needs to be properly oiled. There are different assignments that the Agents’ have to go through like fixing Battle Bus, Calibrating Chests, Delivering Reports for further analysis.

Also, assignments have to be drilled down real quick. In addition to that, one also has to keep an eye for anything that might be strange.

Moreover, if you discover dead friends, there is a whole lot of procedure that will follow. Well, you certainly know the drill.

To win as an agent, simply finish the assignment or vote out the right imposter. That’s it, you will win.

Fortnite Imposter Mode – ‘Imposter’ Is The Real Fun

Honestly, whenever I have played the game, I had always wanted to be an Imposter. What is the fun otherwise?

Imposters’ only job is to mingle with the agents and to build trust. But then, if you cooperate more than is needed, you will simply lose. 

An imposter would never want that.

Some of the solid tricks that Imposters can use to reach the finish line and get the crown are: –

  • Discarding Tasks or freezing all the progress in the game and assignments.
  • Transport Agents and Imposters elsewhere.
  • Peely appearance for Agents and Imposters for a short time.

That’s quite something and Fortnite definitely going to be on the brim of it for the players. Watch out y’all.

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