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Forspoken: Release Date, Gameplay and Trailer

Square Enix, the firm that is famous for producing gaming series like Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, showed a glimpse of his upcoming title for the PS5 back in June 2020. At that time, the new JRPG project was codenamed “Project Athia”. And it piqued gamers’ internet because of its outstanding graphics, and complete new world. However, after that nothing, much was revealed regarding the intriguing project. The only information that was available to us was that the project was being developed by the developers of Final Fantasy 15.

But recently, some more details have come out on the game. Among all, the most important is the name of the title – Forspoken. So, here are all the information available on Forspoken including its release date, compatibility, and trailer.

Forspoken: Release Date

Ever since the game was first showcased in 2020, everyone got busy predicting its release date. But it’s time to quit the prediction game. As we finally have an estimated release date. During the recent PlayStation Showcase 2021, the developers announced that the game could release anytime in spring 2022. It is still an expected release date, but gamers are still excited to hear that we’re so close to the release.

Forspoken: Platforms

Considering the long history between Square Enix and Sony, it wasn’t that hard to predict that the game will be console exclusive. Additionally, it is also mentioned at the end of its trailer that the game is PlayStation 5 console exclusive.

Even though the game is console exclusive, it does have some asterisks. First, along with PS5, the game will also be launched for PC. Second, the game won’t be remaining console exclusive forever. In fact, it will be released for other consoles as well 2 years after the release date. But isn’t it a very long wait? Within the span of these two years, we can’t even predict how many games will be released. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise that most of us would have forgotten about Forspoken till that time.

Is There A Forspoken Trailer?

Yes, there is! A three-minute Forspoken trailer was released during the PlayStation Showcase on September 9th, 2021. The trailer has given us a slight hint of what we should expect from the game.

The trailer actually removed the curtains from the game’s official title and teased it about its release date. It not only showcased the gorgeous world where the action takes place, but it also sold as some of the magical abilities of the protagonist, Frey Holland.

The game was initially announced by the name Project Athia during Sony’s Future of Gaming 2020. That time, the developers also released a one-minute clip teasing us about what we could expect from the upcoming JRPG. Further, the clip showcased the beautiful world of Athia  (now Forspoken), along with some of the unmatchable abilities of Frey Holland. We also witnessed some of the deadly creatures that Frey will be facing in the game.

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