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Far Cry 6 Releases this Week: Everything You Should Know

Far Cry 6 is on its way and you will be pleased to know that I am about to share everything that the Internet has about Far Cry 6 to date. 

Far Cry, if you know the bits about it, is a franchise of Ubisoft. Being a part of the game is a delight of its own where you get a chance to be across the globe and fight bad and good people in the process. Be it the Himalayas, or the US, or Africa, you get to be anywhere you wish.

This time, the traveling takes you to the Caribbean Island of Yara, Africa, the Himalayas, and the Tropical Islands. You thought that’s all? Wait up!

The DLC players will be spotted fighting each other and pitting against yetis, cyborgs, and what not! That just got interesting. So, gear up to travel all the way to the Caribbean Island of Yara that follows a lot of spice that you can be sure of.

If you stretch your neck a little back to look at how the history of Far Cry works, you will spot an increase in its career graph. It has turned up to be one of the biggest hits on Ubisoft. Well, this also calls us in for a treat for Far Cry 6. It lands this OCTOBER for PCs.

How about we find out more?

Far Cry 6 – What Do We Know?

Far Cry 5 was an adventure, no doubts about that. However, the end led us to a long road of goodbye to the American picturesque.

Let’s welcome the ‘New’. Far Cry 6 has a theme set on ”paradise frozen in time” which is named Yara. Anton Castillo, the dictator of Yara, along with Diego, his son wants to bring peace back to the island. He will go to any extent to make sure that the island has everything it needs.

As for players, they will get down as Dani, the protagonist who is on a revolution and is on the verge of fighting against Castillo’s regime.

Release Date?

Far Cry 6 has a release date and it’s just three days from here. October 7th, 2021 is when Ubisoft finally unwraps the latest release!

It will be available to play on PC, Google Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.


Far Cry 6 also has a trailer revealed. So, tell me if that makes you ready yet?

Here is a glimpse of another Far Cry 6 trailer.

Enjoy while you can. Far Cry 6 is coming to visit you on Oct 7th.

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